Issue #3 of Underworld Tales

No one can say it hasn't been an eventful few years!

When two friends come to blows who do you trust? Well, my mother always said the one with the gun to your head. We wish the new management of the Hutt Cartel all the best in their ascension. You should too listeners, because a happy Black Sun is one that isn't mailing you thermal detonators.

With so much lawless space up for grabs, the upstanding citizens of the underworld have had free reign. Alas, that means they use those reigns on each other.

New syndicate wars are in full swing. Fresh off the heels and weakened from their Hutt Cartel conflict, the Pyke syndicate are losing ground to the Crymorah syndicate. Its been a violent few years traveling between lightyears in the spice trade! Sources say with the Silver Jedi planets handing control to their planetary governments, the Crymorah families have rallied to go after their old territory once more. Resulting in a bloody conflict that has left both sides at each other's throats.

Happily, this is a great time to invest in blaster cell stocks, please see our sponsors for more details!

The once mighty Exchange may still be strong in the core worlds, but not bordering Trade League space. The Uos family have not beaten them by the fair means of a blaster good listeners, oh no they did something far worse. They hacked their credit accounts! Billions of Exchange credits siphoned away to Uos bankers have left the Exchange in dire straits. A truly reprehensible way to act, and we should all grieve for their loss.

In both former Imperial and Mandalorian space. With no end in sight to the argument over who has piracy rights over key hyperspace routes. The Haxion brood, the Zann Consortium, and the Red Key Raiders settled their mutual differences amicably three days ago, by diplomatically murdering each other in cold blood. We applaud this much more traditional approach to negotiations and would advise others to learn a valuable lesson when doing so. Shoot first.

A well-meaning delegation from the Ranc gang hit a minor snag earlier this week when they tried to operate in Sith Order space. Apparently asking a Sith Lord for their credits or their life is more literal than you'd expect. When interviewed sources said "RUN YOU FOOLS," and were later unavailable for further comment.

See you next millennium on underworld Tales. Your source for the most reliable tall tales from the rim.