Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Voli Cholrass

    Private  Of Mynocks and Masters

    Current Outfit Location: Coruscant, Jedi Training Room Voli was still not used to being inside the Jedi Temple, it was a warm and inviting place filled with peers who were Force Sensitive like she was. Yet, despite her desire to be among fellow Force Sensitives, Voli still felt homesick...
  2. Drewick Tivak

    LFG  Looking for some padawans, knights and masters to interact with

    Here's my boy Drewick Tivak He's not much into friends at least not yet but I want to create great stories where he grows and learns from his mistakes. Hope to meet some cool people here and write with them
  3. Braze

    LFG  Masters V Apprentices Sign Up

    I'm excited to present a unique event idea where we will pit 1 master against 2 students in a strategic combative simulation. Objective: The students have two options to succeed in this exercise: 1. Successfully evade and escape from the master. 2. Strategically subdue the master, preventing...
  4. Domina Prime

    LFG  Need Some Martial Art Masters or Teachers

    "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." ~ Mike Tyson Figured with all the fun coming up here soon on the site that i should try to get some threads involving my Mandalorian lass seeking skilled and talented fighters in order to further advance her understanding of hand to...
  5. Aculia Voland

    Game Masters and Roleplaying Type

    The Empire of the Lost has several people interested in being what one calls "game masters", eg roleplaying opposition in the thread or helping to control its general flow and direction. The faction "owner" is open to this occurring, but would like to keep a running tally of people's preferred...
  6. Laertia Io

    Work In Progress  Cultist Summoners

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create deadly support Units Image Credit: Role: [ Is this unit serving as protective detail to your character? Is it a portion of the rank and file of your faction? Is it a strike team...
  7. Lunafreya Solidor

    Codex Denied  Makrak, Kings of the Hunt

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: I'm a queen. Image Credit: Here, here, and here. Canon: [ Is this a canon species? If yes, link to the original species wiki here, if no simply put N/A. ] Permissions: [Please link any Marketplace purchase or similar approvals to use other Writers’ content...
  8. Bright7

    Private  Master and Apprentice

    . O B J E C T I V E: MEET THE MASTER Tags: Nyxeris Equipment: Lilanna's Lightsaber, Lilanna's Armor, BG-400 Blaster Pistol. Location: Zakuul, Grand Garden It was a strange feeling to begin as an apprentice once more. Lilanna had to hope it wouldn't be like her last experience, that would just...
  9. Darth Abyss

    Master and apprentice (Requests go here.)

    So because copying is super easy, and in my artistic and college career always got me somewhere: Master and apprentice requests Format: Name: If I have to explain this than all hope is lost already Looking for: State if you looking for a master or an apprentice Details Character: Who is your...
  10. Micah Talith

    New Jedi Order and Independant Member Index

    And index for the New Jedi Order and The Independent working in the Galactic Alliance! Please just toss in your Name, Rank, and if you are part of the NJO or Independent. NEW JEDI ORDER MASTERS [member="Jacen Voidstalker"] [ Leader of the Hounds ] [member="Aela Talith"] [member="Avalore...
  11. Thurion Heavenshield

    Format to use when advertising

    Use this format when advertising your character: Name: (What is your character's name?) Rank: (What is his/her current rank?) Personality: (Describe the personality of your character using only a couple sentences.) Specialisation: (Does your character specialise in lightsaber combat...
  12. Josh Dragovalor

    The Hardest Thing A Jedi Can Ever Do (Official Summit Of ALL Masters)

    Josh sighed as The Final Dragon made it's way towards Roche. He considered everything he was about to do... And it left a pit in his stomach. Did he have the right to do this? As the Knight Representative? But alas... It had to be done. This couldn't go on any longer, and as much as it pained...
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