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lok munin

  1. Lok Xiangu

    Private  A Good Memory

    Now... Wild Space Aboard the Firebird There he was, sitting alone in his ship, adrift through the cold vacuum of space with a bottle of expensive Corellian Whiskey that had some of its volume emptied. The mercenary was not himself for a while, slacking in his constant state of picking fights...
  2. Lok Xiangu

    Get Off My Tail

    CATO NEIMODIA - JORRA 3:17 PM LOCAL TIME He remembered the first time he had come to Cato Neimodia. Came with some good looking girl a couple years past when he was an adolescent. It was a good time, more so that they robbed a bank and went sightseeing. But that was all in the past, and took...
  3. Lok Xiangu

    Underworld Industries

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Here, shoutout to [member="Darth Carnifex"] for the photoshop. Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Underworld Industries Headquarters: Maena Locations: New City - Maena...
  4. Lok Xiangu

    Not Like Old Times

    Zygerria He was off in the Galaxy as his own man, making his way in it. Like everyone else. Lok had tried to make the very man that adopted him from the slums of Coruscant proud as a way to thank him for giving him an opportunity of life he never tasted. He thought he'd get the life he always...
  5. Lok Xiangu

    Woods, Vines, and Waterfalls

    Kashyyyk The homeworld of the Wookies was a beautiful planet with gorgeous fauna and wildlife; however, it also had a bad history. Not that the planet was known for violence, but because of foreigners invading the planet and being a parasite to it. First Czerka Corporations enslaving the...
  6. Lok Xiangu


    Oba Diah This place was once a grand stronghold for the Pyke Syndicate, a powerful drug cartel group that had operations on Kessel and were responsible for the flow of spice throughout Coruscant many, many, many years ago. Long before the infamous conflict of the Clone Wars. Oba Diah was the...
  7. Lok Xiangu


    It was one of those days when Lok didn't want to be around Concord Dawn as he had to hang out with his sisters. It was annoying for him, but it was something he unwillingly was obliged to do. He did care for them, but when stuck with both of his sisters he ended up with the shortest straw of the...
  8. Lok Xiangu

    I Took a Pill in Zeltros

    Z E L T R O S A good amount of Lok's leisure was spent on worlds such as Vorzyd, The Wheel, Antecedant, several Hutt worlds, and, his favorite, Zeltros. When he wasn't receiving orders from Jaig or doing terrorist attacks, he would come to these carefree worlds that valued entertainment and...
  9. Vilaz Munin

    Approved Location  Munin Homestead

    Name: Munin Homestead Images: Here Here Here Here Here Image Source: Here Here Here Here Here Classification: Farm/Ranch Location: Concord Dawn Plains Affiliation: Vilaz Munin Lok Munin Description: The homestead of Vilaz Munin and Lok Munin is established on one of the many plains of...
  10. Lok Xiangu

    Approved Starship  The Firebrand

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Lok Munin Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics Model: MH-1000 Light Freighter Modularity: Yes Production: Unique Material: Alusteel (Frame), Mandalorian Steel (Hull), Glasteel (Viewports) Classification: Light Freighter Length: 38.75 metres Width: 25.61...
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