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I Took a Pill in Zeltros


A good amount of Lok's leisure was spent on worlds such as Vorzyd, The Wheel, Antecedant, several Hutt worlds, and, his favorite, Zeltros. When he wasn't receiving orders from Jaig or doing terrorist attacks, he would come to these carefree worlds that valued entertainment and luxury over breaking a sweat and doing any form of hard labor. The Munin would distress himself by gambling, smoking spice and other illegal drugs, drinking liquor, and having some company with women.

The Outlaw was really the polar opposite of his adopted father. He was reckless, careless, and indifferent. Invested his free time on partying and fun rather than training or helping the continuation of the Mandalorians. He did, however, contribute to the Mandalorian cause, but he mostly focused on himself and his needs. It bored him to do chores that had no action in them which was one of the very reasons why he joined the Deathwatch and

With swagger in his steps he wore some casual, yet attractive clothing as he was outside of his armor. His hair was fixed and styled to his liking; his scent was decent cologne; and he hosted shiny accessories belonging to him. All that was bought and stolen out of those for his own needs. A joint of spice greeted his lips and took an inhale of the drug, relishing its taste. The Munin was outside of a club of his favorite and entered it the building. The familiar, stereotypical scenario of any Zeltron club welcomed him.

Intense music, eye catching girls, hard liquor, intoxicating spice, drunken patrons, and just whatever that fitted in the description.

[member="Allyson Locke"]
SIS liked sending Allyson on missions that she could blend in easily with. Clubs, drugs and alcohol everything a young adult in this world would want. Of course, Allyson had left that world mostly, once she had fully accepted the fact that she was in love with [member="Kaili Talith"]. Still, she had work to do and the guy that ran this club was doing some human and alien trafficking. SIS AGENT ALLYSON LOCKE ON THE CASE!

Allyson slipped into the club, unaware that the man she had just passed was someone she had known for years. Mission was the focus and she would – oh wait they were selling some good Corellian whiskey?! Allyson beelined for the bar and quickly ordered a couple of shots. Missions usually got her nervous especially when she was wearing something only Zeltron Harlots wore. Everything was out in the open and Allyson worked up her liquid courage. She had to get noticed by the big man upstairs, if she didn’t then she’d have to figure out another way to get in there.

Twitching her nose, she inhaled deeply and then moved towards the center of the dance floor. Every provocative move she could do she did and made sure her body moved as if it was commanded by the music that played. It had been ages since she had danced like this, feeling the energy around her circulate and control her. Allyson began to lose herself in the dancing as her hips swayed like a current to the beat. [member="Lok Munin"]
The Outlaw didn't notice Allyson when she passed him when they entered the club as his eyes were distracted by...well, pretty much everything that was going on. He didn't really knew that someone around here was trafficking humans and aliens alike and if he knew, then he would most likely be indifferent towards it. Lok had done and was still doing criminal activities such as trafficking drugs, weapons, and other things with his best friend [member="Onley Xiangu"], but trafficking actual people wasn't something he's done nor crossed his mind.

Then again he knew that [member="Matsu Xiangu"], Onley's mother whom he enjoyed associating with, enjoyed her zombies which could human and alien trafficking some use.

But now wasn't the time to think in criminal business; now was the time to enjoy himself with nothing to care or worry about.

He made a straight course for the bar and ordered some sweet alcohol from the tender. The Munin was given what he wished for and relished the liquid as he drank from the bottle. He engaged talking to an attractive Togrutan when his eyes caught a familiar face dancing on the floor. Was, it couldn't be. Or could it?

"Exuse me," the Mandalorian said to the female he was talking to and made way for the dance floor. He observed her movements that were right on rhythm to the beat of the music. The youngster was feet away from her and made his move by dancing right behind her.

[member="Allyson Locke"]
[SIZE=10pt]So she was noticed. Sub Mission one complete. Allyson did run the risk of attracting a lot of attention from people she wasn’t trying to gain attention of. Yet, that part didn’t bother her too much, though knowing a certain blonde Talith; she knew there would probably be some sort of ‘eye in the sky’ for her. Knowing this, she knew she was safe – for the most part. She continued to dance and feeling the presence behind her she had to work it as if it was the person she was hoping to bait. Pushing the man away, would make it obvious she was here for a reason and people didn’t come to these places for specific reasons – just to party, have fun and get high. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Allyson had to keep that in mind. Her body moved forcing the person behind her to move with her, she commanded him to follow and with a smooth movement back, her entire backside pressed against his. This was where Allyson was quickly reminded of the difference between boys and girls. She adored the way she felt against Kaili – there was no other feeling like it. The girl was soft, gentle (for the most part), and warm. Boys on the other hand were hard, rough, yet there was an odd sense of security. If she had to choose, she’d probably choose the latter, but lucky for Kaili – Allyson was addicted to her and craved that touch and attention. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Kaili was her person. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The closeness of their bodies continued and Allyson waited for the man to make some sort of move or to get bored and walk away. Either way, here was when she was going to find out if she baited the right catch. [/SIZE][member="Lok Munin"]
To his surprise Allyson accepted to dance with him which made his insides sing for joy and happiness, but it seem that the stunning woman didn't notice that it was him. That didn't matter either way. He was just going to take this opportunity and have fun with his crush, making sure to give himself and her a good time.

The way Allyson danced was professional, proficient, and clean. Her whole body movement matched with the beat of the music. Lok, on the other hand, was an adept and not as skilled as the woman but he would try his best to meet Allyson's tempo and level. The Munin's hands were placed around Allyson's hips and his whole frontside pressed against hers just as she pressed her whole backside against his.

They were dancing on the floor for a decent amount of minutes and were the ones killing it. Not literally, but metaphorically. A lot of the patrons gave jealous glances to Lok and Ally because of how popular they were on the floor and their dates wanting a taste of either of the two.

Finally it was time to stop dancing and to take this date to the next level.

"Why don't we take this somewhere else? Their jealousy is killing my vibe," the young adult whispered to his partner loud enough so his voice wouldn't be deafen by the music. And if Ally agreed, he would take her hand and lead them out of the club.

[member="Allyson Locke"]
This was it!

Allyson smirked as she continued to move, the eyes of the entire club was on her and the man she was dancing with. Attention was hers and she had to have been noticed – there was no one not looking at her. This mission was going to be so easy that they were going to have to give her that promotion along with a fatter check. She happily mused over the credits she was going to be getting and began to mentally plan for a vacation with Kaili – one that the billionaire company owner wouldn’t have to drop a dime on.

One would think Allyson would take to being taken care of by the girl. Yet, Allyson being Allyson was utterly stubborn and didn’t even want to think of the money Kaili made hourly by just having this company around. When she did think about it, she felt so small comparatively knowing that if anything happened – Kaili could take care of herself and Allyson. Something inside of her cringed at the thought, she wanted to be the one to take care of Kaili, but that would never be the case. Still she would try.

Pushing Kaili out of her mind, she needed to focus on the mission. If this guy had people who could mind read, they would know that she wasn’t interested and could jeopardize her from getting close to the ring leader. Then as if the Force was smiling its good graces on her, she heard the man behind her speak directly into her ear. FINALLY, she was going to be able to get into the VIP area, she would be able to get close and do what needed to be done. The dance floor was dark and the lights that flashed to the beat didn’t provide the best of light, so when she turned around to face her dance partner she only caught a brief glimpse of the man’s face. Pausing, she looked at him the best she could and wondered why his features for that moment looked so familiar. She brushed it aside and decided that it was just the light and the shadows playing a trick on her.

She had to continue this game, this act to make sure that this henchman or whatever he was ate up her story and brought her to the VIP lounge. Remaining close, Allyson ran her hands along Lok’s chest – he was strong and she knew if she lost her cover she would probably have to fight him. Probably knocking him out with something would be a good idea if it came to that. Leaning up, she spoke in his ear, “I thought you were never going to ask…” As she finished, she nipped teasingly against his earlobe and kissed against his neck to pull him even more into her act.

Sorry Kaili, I’ll make this up to you I promise. Ugh, boy sweat. [member="Lok Munin"]
This wasn't a dream...right? All of this was real?

It all just seemed too good to be true for Lok. His crush was being all intimate when she started teasing his earlobe and neck with her lips, and started pulling him towards her for more of the action. He couldn't flinch this very precious moment. He had to act now or he'd regret for the rest of his life. He had enough regrets, but they weren't comparable if he screwed up this opportunity.

Very nervously, a rare feature since he was with a girl that he liked, he tilted Ally's face with his hands and pressed his lips against her.

Oh, feth. Is this really happening?!

The Outlaw hoped that it wasn't the drugs and spice giving him illusions. That would be a great motivator to stop his habits and addictions.

After kissing Allyson for just a few seconds, which seemed an eternity, he pulled back and exhaled happily. "Wow," was all he could say for that memorable experience while looking at her. With the flashing lights it was hard to see the woman's gorgeous facial features. She had changed a bit, but Lok's features changed a whole lot. He was recognizable for Allyson, but he didn't had a baby face anymore.

"Let's head up," he said to Locke and held her hand to take her to the VIP lounge. Despite being an Outlaw he was affiliated to no gang besides working for them temporarily. There would be familiar faces in the lounge of notorious crime lords. People no one wished to cross.

[member="Allyson Locke"]

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