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Solo Consultations

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· Development Threads: [SIZE=9pt]All threads related, is on that guy's work shop. Like the trial of Rianna Organa and the trial of Malice Draclau.[/SIZE]
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· Corporation Name: Solo Consultations
· Headquarters: Selonia, Corellian Sector
· Locations: N/A
· Operations: Criminal Law, Business Law, and Investment Consultations
· Tier: Tier 2


Solo Consultations is a Corellian Law Firm based on the planet Selonia, in the Corellian System. It is a large firm employing a vast number of lawyers and accountants. It is a private, non government agency, to help provide a stable balance to the judicial system.

Being a Corporation, it is run by a CEO (Brad Solo) is appointed by a board of Directors (a small group who own a piece of the company.) The company was originally started by Brad and a few others with like minded views of justice. Each of these founding members holds a piece of the ownership right to the company.

List of owners:
1. Brad Solo
2. Currently unnamed for the option of being a player character.
3. Currently unnamed for the option of being a player character.
4. Currently unnamed for the option of being a player character.
5. Currently unnamed for the option of being a player character.

In the past it has been generous to the community. It often takes opportunities to invest into the greater Corellian community…such projects as funding public school education, building of public parks, and donations to shelters to feed the hungry. It is also know to take up allot of work to provide legal counsel to those who would not be able to afford a lawyer.

Solo Consultations is a light base company who is dedicated to the Corellian community!


The concept of Solo Consultations came to Brad just shortly after the breaking of Corellia. At the time Brad was still a Coresec Officer. There was a destabilization of the economy and an impact to the judicial system. Much of the core structure of the greater Corellain community was centrally located with-in the capital of Coronet City. It was gone, whipped out of existence.

There was still hope; much of the system was intact. The planet Corellia was not the only planet with-in the Corellian system. Nor was it the only established planet they lived and conducted their economic trade.

Brad’s rationale was a simple one. Brad held a deep love for the Corellian community. He had the skills necessary to run a Law Firm. He had also the blessing of [member="Delila Castillon"] , who was his wife at the time. Cashing in his own life savings and his retirement from Coresec, Brad placed his faith into this investment. Not just to invest in the future of the greater Corellian community, but the future of his family as well.


[member="Brad Solo"]

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