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  1. Katarine Ryiah

    LFG  Hunting a Serial Killer - Cop Like Threads Need Cop Like Characters

    Kat is currently on an a story arc that has her rounding up criminals from an under water prison that was destroyed on Naboo. I am looking for someone to tag along in her investigation and help her hunt down one of the escaped prisoners. This particular killer was active on Coruscant during the...
  2. Micheal Nox

    LFG  Force Killer Looking For threads

    So watched Thor Love and Thunder and lo and behold, Gorr was kinda neat. The God Butcher. I've been mentioning a desire for some sort of anti Force user thing so, finally, I decided to make my own. If you haven't heard of them, The Ascendant were a group of folks who wanted to replicate the...
  3. N

    Essence burn

  4. The Deluge

    Psycho Killer

    Intent: To create a Unique blaster rifle. Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: E-11 Blaster Rifle PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: The Deluge Affiliation: Percival Io Market Status...
  5. Sars Sarad

    Approved Tech  HK 'Hunter Killer' Armor

    HK 'Hunter Killer' Armor OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Personal 'Heavy Armor' for Sars Sarad Image Source: Link Canon Link:
  6. Derix Tirall

    Work In Progress  Vicar-type Hunter Killer Frigate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a speedy, powerful frigate for the Brotherhood of the Maw Image Source: (x) Canon Link: Not Applicable Permissions: Not Applicable Primary Source: Not Applicable PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Epoch Engineering Corporation Affiliation: The...
  7. Sedge


    NAME: Delka 'Sedge' Stariecha. Always goes by 'Sedge.' FACTION: TBD RANK: Runner, Deckhand, Able Spacer SPECIES: Human AGE: Looks to be in his mid 30's SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10'' / 1.7m WEIGHT: ~190 lbs / 81.7kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Dark Brown SKIN: White, typically a bit pale from too much time on...
  8. Iziz Tyrel

    Dr. Iziz Tyrel MD (Merchant of Death)

    Iziz Rathmir Tyrel Aliases Izz, Izzy FRIENDS ONLY , Rath Affiliation Himself Rank Does Smashingly Handsome Billionaire count as a rank? Sex Male Orientation That's Personal Species Human, Mostly Height 6' 2" Weight 223 Lbs (currently) Strengths...
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