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kaalia pavanos

  1. Damsy Callat

    Private  Steady On

    || Naneti Sso Jri Qorit, Kesh || Keeping tabs on the remnants of the Sith factions was beyond challenging. They had scattered like small fragments of glass over the expanse of space, catching and throwing the light of stars to disguise themselves. Tracking them, collecting them in a list of...
  2. Hazel Zanteres

    Private  Reunion

    Balmorra, Pavanos Residence As the Pavanos homestead came into view, a degree of tension twisted in Hazel’s stomach. She wasn’t sure why, was it concern or worry towards how things had ended? That being nothing at all. Amongst the people Hazel had known, she hadn’t said anything to either...
  3. Vaylin

    Private  One Becomes Two

    The secluded beach Vaylin found herself on had always been a bit of an oddity on Mygeeto. It was tucked away, hidden from the naked eye, even obscured from above. Dwarfed by a towering cliff face, to which bordered the area where the Valkyrie Fortress once stood. Even this far down, it was...
  4. I

    Codex Denied  Silver Ridge Estate

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: to codify Kaalia and Ishana’s home. Image Credit: [ Link to where you found the images, or to the original artist if possible. TinEye or Google Image Search can help. ] Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Silver Ridge Estate...
  5. I

    Approved Tech  Pavanos Wedding Rings

    The Sorcerer and the Rogue OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a pair of wedding rings for Kaalia and Ishana Pavanos. Image Source: Caravaggio Jewelry (x), Etsy (x) Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Pierrefonds Smith and Jewelry [NPC...
  6. Kaalia Pavanos

    Eyes Wide Open

    Meeting with [member="Taeli Raaf"] Stormvale Manor, Bastion Sometime in the afternoon [hr] Recent events had left Kaalia, who in the current hour acted under the name of Darth Avacyn, nothing short of mystified. She had begun to call her very memories into question, unsure what was real and...
  7. Dax Perl

    My Friend and Enemy

    Location: Duro, a bar on one of the orbiting cities The dimmed lights of the bar shone into the even less lit street of the city as Dax quietly moved through the empty streets, beelining straight for the door. He needed a drink. Hell, at this point the man had begun to wonder if he was an...
  8. D


    Satellite --- Melanah didn't often feel vulnerable. She had her wits and she had determination, and that had been enough to get her through most everything life had ever thrown at her. But standing there in the streets of Bastion, she felt like an idiot. What the feth did she think she was...
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