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  1. Kael Starseeker

    Approved NPC  Wayfarer Guild

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create Kael Starseekers most loyal crew Image Credit: Midjourney (Crew picture, provided by Cubanwriter ), (and probably NASA) (Logo) Permissions: N/A CREW INFORMATION Crew Name: Wayfarer Guild Crew Type...
  2. Kael Starseeker

    Character  Kael Starseeker

    Kael Starseeker Age 39 Species Human Gender Male Height 1.73m Weight 79kg Force Sensitive No PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Kael Starseeker possesses a rugged appearance, with weathered features that bear the scars of his tumultuous past. His piercing gaze reflects a depth of experience...
  3. K

    Character  Eugene Sŏl

    EUGENE SŎL Music Sade - Smooth Operator | Zion.T, Kang Seungwon - 20th century peoples | Frank Sark - Amor Mio Full name Eugene Sŏl Class(es) Smuggler Bounty Hunter Gun-for-hire Entrepreneur Birthplace Seoul Current Residence No permanent residence Age 26 Personality Traits...
  4. Tiare Malsuum

    Character  Savarr Chanto

    SAVARR CHANTO Info Faction: Independent Birthplace: Corellia Age: 37 GSY Species: Human-Echani hybrid Gender: Male Height: 1.71 Meters Weight: 70 kg Skin: Tanned Hair: White Eyes: Silver Force: Non-Sensitive Voice: Ian McShane as Al Swearengen Backstory Born to a Corellian father and an Echani...
  5. X

    Character  ignore

  6. Taghira Maive

    Character  Ammund

    AMMUND Info Faction: Indepedent Birthplace: Uba IV Age: 19 GSY Species: Ubese Gender: Male Height: 1.88 Meters Weight: 84 kg Hair: None Skin: Pale Eyes: Gray Force Sensitivity: No Face: [X] Voice: Jason Spisak as Silco History In the annals of history, the sentients of the Galaxy have...
  7. Hastor Trosk

    Character  Klytiss Dai

    KLYTISS DAI Faction: Independent Species: Kajain'sa'Nikto Homeworld: Nar Kanji Gender: Male Age: 33 GSY Height: 2.01 Meters Weight: 103 kg Hair: None Eyes: Deep Brown Skin: Reddish-Orange Voice: Keith David as Spawn Klytiss Dai began his life in chains. For so many millenia, his people were...
  8. Collector

    Staff  So Long and Goodnight - Rest Well, Confederacy of Independent Systems

    After over four years of being an active presence on the galactic map, it's time we see the Confederacy of Independent Systems off. Long did they reign, and I'm sure we'll still see more content arising from that member base, be they decked out in purple or otherwise. Join me in wishing them...
  9. Salazar Niminen

    Work In Progress  49th "Adder" Independent Squadron

    49th "Adder" Independent Squadron OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Making an independent squadron out of the 10 C-90 Cruisers available Image Credit: Wookiepedia (Edited) Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Fleet Name: 49th "Adder" Independent Squadron Classification...
  10. S

    Sakura Empire

  11. Kolyri Dace

    Character  Kolyri Dace

    NAME: Kolyri "Kol" Dace FACTION: RANK: SPECIES: Human / Hynestian AGE: 26 GSY SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: Approx. 120lbs EYES: Green HAIR: Red SKIN / COMPLEXION: Fair / Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Sensitivity, unrealised. LANGUAGES: Galactic Standard, High Hynestian (dead), Lynnesse...
  12. Yyrkoon Ren


    ALLARA ALIAS: The Wolf Sister; Daughter of Halrormalenth FACTION: Independent SPECIES: Human AGE: 32 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.65 Meters (5'5") WEIGHT: 74.39 kg (164 lbs) HAIR: Brown EYES: Blue SKIN: Light Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes HOMEWORLD: Coruscant (Birthplace); Dathomir (Spiritual Home)...
  13. Suonaak Resh


    ((SPECIES)) Near-Human, based upon body structure ((CULTURE)) Mandalorian (Dar'manda) ((GENDER)) Male (presumed); otherwise ambiguous ((FACTION)) Independent; Friendly to the CIS ((HEIGHT)) 1.76 meters (in armor) ((WEIGHT)) 68 kilos (in armor) ((HOMEWORLD)) Mandalore (spiritual, but exiled from)...
  14. Huxy

    Riley Lawson

    "You really think this world is a good place, amigo? Well, I have some malo informacion for you. If this was so a good world, why is their crime, death, and despair? This world is what we make it to be, sometimes good...other times bad, amigo." Riley Rodriguez Lawson Name: Riley Rodriguez...
  15. Adson Tracyn'kemir

    Adson Tracyn'kemir

    NAME: Adson Tracyn'kemir FACTION: Galactic Alliance, CorSec, None RANK: Sargeant in Intelligence community SPECIES: Human AGE: 30 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2.01 meters WEIGHT: 96.5 kilograms EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  16. Alric Kuhn

    Approved Starship  The Foundry

    Image Source: Google Affiliation: Vanir Technologies, Investors Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies Model: Vanir Technologies Starship Foundry Modularity: Yes Production: Unique Material: Durasteel, Terenthium, Titanium, Solarium Glasteel Classification: Driveyards Length: Equal to Other Large...
  17. Ayden Cater

    Approved Starship  NTX-074e "Dagger" Swarm Fighter

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Model: NTX-074e Modularity: None Production: Mass-Produced Material: Desh-Maranium Alloy - Hull Plating, Frame Glasteel - Sensor Housing Classification: Starfighter Length: 4 meters Height: 1.3 meters Width: 3.2...
  18. Ayden Cater

    Approved Starship  NTX-091 "Talon" Heavy Starfighter

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Model: NTX-091 "Talon" Heavy Starfighter Modularity: Minor Production: Mass-Produced Material: Durasteel-Titanium Alloy - Hull Plating Quadanium - Structural Frame Glasteel - Viewports Classification: Heavy...
  19. Ayden Cater

    Approved Starship  YVX-666 Medium Freighter

    Image Source: Here Affiliation: Open Market / Independent Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Model: YVX-666 Modularity: Extensive Production: Mass-Produced Material: Durasteel - Hull Plating Quadanium - Ship Frame Glasteel - Viewports Classification: Freighter Length: 76 meters...
  20. Ayden Cater

    Approved Starship  Wasp-class Fighter

    Image Credit: Here Intent: To create a publicly available starfighter with CEC's proprietary OmniPod technology Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Model: Wasp-class Starfighter Affiliation: Independent Modularity: Yes Production: Limited Material: Durasteel-Titanium...
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