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ijaat mereel

  1. Runi Kuryida

    Private  Recovery & Discovery

    Of late it seemed a good deal amount of historical artifacts had been uncovered. Yenna enjoyed finding them for scholarly work and to bolster the Jedi. Onrai enjoyed finding them to keep them out of Fallen Celestial hands and to further her own ambitions. And then there was Ijaat Mereel that...
  2. A

    Private  Old Wounds

    Asha wasn't sure she'd ever adjust to the chaotic nature of cities again. Once she had thrived within them, the Coruscanti underworld had been a scene she'd known all too well, down in the depths of that world it was densely populated and ever in motion, sights and sounds and smells assaulted...
  3. Lief

    Were You Just An Illusion?

    Hagron's World The Galaxy's Arm She did not know what madness had brought her to this place. Freedom had found her in the hands of [member="Itash Mecetti"] a man who had for whatever reason released her from her bonds and offered her a position where she would receive pay, benefits, vacation...
  4. Julius Sedaire

    Approved Tech  Dral'tomad - Lightsaber of Ijaat Mereel

    Dral’tomad OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A Personal Lightsaber for Ijaat Mereel Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Development Thread: If Needed Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Ijaat Mereel Model: N/A Affiliation: Personal Modularity...
  5. L

    Approved Tech  BES'SHUKUR | IRON BREAKER

    BES’SHUKUR | IRON BREAKER Image Source: Here Intent: To create a personal weapon for Ijaat Mereel PRODUCTION INFORMATION Development Thread: The Eighth Battle - Coalition Invasion of Triumvirate Ruusan Posts 4, 8, 11, 13, 63, 77, 87, 92, 105, 286, 287, 301 Oh No (House on Fire) Manufacturer...
  6. Lief

    [GMT:1] Fraternizing With The Enemy

    Note: I will not be participating in this thread myself, please do not tag or wait for me. Once you have completed this mission, reply to the terminal and I will review this thread. [hr] Ramatesh was close. He could feel the hum of lives pulsating through the undergrowth, and wondered if he...
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