Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. E

    Character  Edrick Edo

    EDRICK EDO Theme Ending Alias(es) Eddy Ed Class(es) Jedi Knight (Fallen) Gunslinger Birthplace Genetia Residence Aboard the Tribunal The Complex, Koethe Age Late 30s Personality Traits Suspicious Iconoclastic Expectant Bold Rank(s) Agent Faction(s) NJO (Formerly) Open...
  2. Ren Bishto

    Character  Ren Bishto

    SOCIETAL Name: - Ren Bishto Alias: - Titles: - Mercenary Homeworld: - Coruscant Faction: - Undecided/ Unaffiliated Force Sensitivity: - Fragile but present Force Alignment: - Unaffiliated APPEARANCE Race: - Zabrak/ Human Age: - 15-16 Gender: - She/Her OOC Discord...
  3. Evelynn Ostium

    Approved NPC  Natashen Marklow

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To act as a Info Broker, Hacker and tech head in Evelynn Ostium 's business Image Credit: ArtStation Role: Natashen, AKA Netsy, is Evelynn's on site info broker, hacker and all around eye in the sky for her off location dealings. She collects information on...
  4. Vang Azusa

    Anyone interested in hanging out?

    Anyone looking for a Mechanic, someone to chat to, or a skilled hacker? Hit me up and we can randevou here \/ See you there, Riders
  5. Shot Sutaz

    Approved Tech  Hacker class hand cybernetics

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a general purpose hand cybernetic to aid slicers and hackers in their endeavors Image Source: Ghost in the shell Canon Link: NA Permissions: Locke and Key perms Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics...
  6. Nine Lives

    The thirst for...knowledge.

    It had been about two months since she was free. Since meeting that lawyer on Balmorra, the handsome one who had acted as her proxy when making purchases from Sasori Research. (Nine had been stunned, utterly stunned at the number of artifacts they were openly manufacturing and selling when the...
  7. Mara Rockwell

    Mara Rockwell, The Mental Hacker

    VITAL INFO ​Themesong NAME: Mara Rockwall ALIASES: B1u (Hacking alias) FACTION: None, up for recruitment. RANK: Information Broker, Hacker SPECIES: Aruzan AGE: 20 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’ 9” 1.75 meters WEIGHT: Just right EYES: blue gray HAIR: Black/blue SKIN: Blue FORCE...
  8. C

    Cavris Lyran - Alpha-Weasel

    NAME: Cavris Lyran Aliases: Alpha-Weasel FACTION: Galactic Empire RANK: Imperial Spy/Hacker SPECIES: Human AGE: 19/20 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 12st EYES: Black HAIR: Black SKIN: Light tan FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  9. Krayzen Dratos

    Approved Location  Millian

    OOC: Credit to [member="Jorus Merrill"] for location suggestion. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a place for slicers inspired by a real life location. ​Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION City Name: Millian Classification: City Location: Kal'Shebbol...
  10. Auzga Xalor

    Approved NPC  Tara Wen'Schuwengx

    Tara Wen'Schuwengx Loyalties: Auzga Xalor Role: . Armor Expert & Designer . Weapons Expert & Designer . Pilot . Holonet Hacker . Auzga's Lover - Girlfriend Development Threads: N/A Age: 24 Species: Human...
  11. Evad

    Slicer Community [Interest Check]

    Looking to get some feedback on a community for slicers somewhat akin to the organization known as 'Anonymous'. Make your voice known. You've got words, use 'em. I have an idea for one, but I want a good base of players that would be interested before I form it.
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