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  1. Credius

    Approved Starship  NZ Deinon-class - HTSE [Hypergate Transportation Station Experiment] [Hypergate contest| Hypergates Velusia & Chandaar]

    Image Source: [X] STANDARD FEATURES Meassurements: Length: 3,000m, Width: 1,000m, Height: 1,000m Hangar space: Average In theory this ship could fit up to 22 squadrons of star fighters or supportships. Armaments: none Tiber-1 Class Modular Platform Replaced Standard AI with ATHENA DCOS-1M...
  2. Darth Strosius

    Private  A Conductive Experiment

    "And set them down...there." The Legionnaires and crew let out a small grunt as they set down their respective burdens, heavy crates full of supplies and salvaged materials, and stood at attention as their High Priest ran his hand over the top of one of the crates. "Excellent. That is all that I...
  3. Darth Xyrah

    Work In Progress  Woyunoks-series Strand-Casts

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a superior new body for Darth Xyrah. Image Credit: Source Canon: N/A Permissions: Ipnileos Saziliebm Strand-Casts Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Experiment SN 1-3E (Woyunoks) Designation: Non-Sentient (Unpossessed), Sentient (Possessed)...
  4. Darth Insatious

    Private  The Dread Experiment

    The ~ Dread ~ Experiment Tag: Zoraya Ives-Ayres | Location: Star Destroyer fa-play fa-pause "Reality is never as bad as a nightmare, as the mental torture, we inflict on ourselves." "Open fire!" cried out an Imperial officer to his men, lighting up the darkened hallway. A singular crimson...
  5. Balldozer

    Character  Balldozer

    BALLDOZER ❝ Do not anger the hamster. ❞ TITLE INFORMATION REAL NAME: SUBJECT#0003 'Gizmo' STATUS: Active OCCUPATION(S): Test Subject (formerly) Mech Pilot Mechanic Explorer AFFILIATION(S): n/a HOMEWORLD: Aleen PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION SPECIES: 25% Loth-Cat | 75% Loth-Rat SEX...
  6. Revertia

    Character  Revertia

    Revertia NAME: Revertia FACTION: The Bryn'adûl RANK: Aberration SPECIES: Draelvasier AGE: 21 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6 WEIGHT: Slender EYES: Fluorescent Yellow HAIR: None SKIN: Yellow FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Arrogant...
  7. Desmundor Alcademon

    Artist  The Adept's Lab

    Eventully, my OCDs and insanity drove me to the dark path of this page! Although I am in no way skilled in the field, I thought to grab a chance and knock some photoshops around, see where this leads! Will be using this thread to throw in some of the stuff i make! DIVIDERS SIGNATURES
  8. Walker

    Approved Species  Shekti

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Fodder that Walker Image Credit: the-stunning-fantasy-art-of-filip-acovic Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: vash-walker, GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Shekti Designation: Non-Sentient Origins: Vash Walkers creation (Originally grown on Serias) Average...
  9. Vhiran

    Character  Hybridization Experiment 731-V Codename: Vhiran

    BOUNTY Hybridization Experiment 731-V Codename: Vhiran NAME: Subjects given name identified as Mastigar Atriedes; Following extensive physical modification and mental adaptation the subject has taken on the identity of its codename: Vhiran. FACTION: While extensive data would place the...
  10. Iresias Sirax

    Approved Tech  Prototype 1.5/001* "IMPERATOR"

    Out Of Character Information Intent: To create a new, experimental set of armor for The Sith Empire Image Source: X Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: Heavy Armor Production Information Manufacturer: Sith-Imperial Corps of Engineers Affiliation: The Sith Empire Model: IMPERATOR Class Modularity...
  11. Sila

    Approved Species  Subject L-84: Liran Prime

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To take an old custom species and improve upon it. ​Image Credit: Eleonora Lisi Canon: N/A Links: Liran GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Subject L-84, 'Liran Prime' Designation: Sentient Origins: Csillian Laboratories Average Lifespan: 80 Estimated Population...
  12. Nine Lives

    Approved Tech  Shi'ido-Vampiric Biot: Westenra Mina

    Intent: To create both a new acolyte of Nine as well as provide an antagonist for personal stories Pictured: "Factory Default" form Image Source:
  13. Kladro Uz'ra

    Kladro Uz'ra

    (Original image found at Edited by me NAME: Kladro Uz’ra FACTION: A faction helps a character get into the galactic scene and grow in strength. Feel free to join any that suit the character. RANK: As a member of society, your character...
  14. Taeli Raaf

    Approved Species  Kraujas Dtirsina - Blood Crystal

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To submit a species affected by Creeping Lignan and Sith Alchemy experiments Image Credit: http://the-lost-seas.../crystal-spider Canon: N/A Links: Energy Spider Creeping Lignan GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Kraujas Dtirsina Designation: Non-sentient Homeworld...
  15. K


    [B]More Information:[/COLOR]
  16. Jenica Ananillka

    Jenica Ananillka - Experiment 29

    JENICA ANANILLKA NAME: Jenica Ananillka FACTION: None. RANK: Civilian Experiment. SPECIES: Epicanthix Umbaran Genetic Hybrid AGE: Early twenties. SEX: Female; Pansexual HEIGHT: 7'10" WEIGHT: 217 lbs. EYES: Dark green; achromatic white in bright light. HAIR: Dark, shimmering black...
  17. Jenica Ananillka

    Approved Species  Experiment 29 - Epicanthix Umbaran Genetic Splice

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out a genetic splice by an Arkanian scientist that only produced one successful living result. ​Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Links: Epicanthix Umbaran Arkania GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Experiment 29; Jenica Ananillka is the only surviving member of...
  18. Bethany Kismet

    Vessa the Gardener

    [float right][/float] |Name| Vessa |Species| Human (?) |Gender| Female |Age| 14 (?) |Height| 4'8"/142cm |Build| Slender |Hair| Strawberry Blonde |Eyes| Green |Force Sensitive| Yes |Traits| Young- Vessa is inexperienced but resilient and quick to learn. Uneven Force Potential...
  19. Lilla Syrin

    They’re never exactly the same

    The elderly man stared at the tank full of liquid. His younger self stared back at him. “You cannot beat Arkanian cloning technology,” said the facility executive. “As good as the Kaminoans’, and a full year’s lead time to adult, as well – we don’t rush the process. We guarantee a stable...
  20. Ay Ge

    Ay Ge

    [Files recovered of project Nechronica from location [redacted], for current file on subject see foundation log entry 001] System log in.... User Name ******* Pass Word ********* Aces Granted... Attaining file...... Level clearance detected, level 1.... Basic information recovered...
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