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  1. D

    LFG  Dynasty of Evil

    Hello! So I have been toying with this project for several weeks now in various forms, and after several rewrites from the very beginning, and lots of research, I finally settled on a direction that I want to take. So to everyone, I would like to introduce the Emrick Dynasty, a family of Sith...
  2. D

    Work In Progress  The Emrick Dynasty

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a dynastic family for use in future faction and story threads. Image Credit: Image Source Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: WIP GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: Emrick Dynasty Classification: Family/Clan Affiliation: Brotherhood of...
  3. I

    Imperial Manikata Dynasty

    The Imperial Manikata Dynasty has its capital on the titular planet of Manikata. Though many may figure the planet to be barbaric and draconian, it is in truth a civilized society with a growing army which has used that harsh reality to forge its soldiers. Any and all are able to join their...
  4. Jacen Nimdok

    The Ultimate Guide to Chaos Families and Dynasties

    I already mentioned this on Discord, but I really am interested in compiling a list of all the IC families here on Chaos. This would be a giant list including both well-known clans like the Perls, Zambranos, and Heavenshields, as well as more obscure ones. My only real requirement to be part of...
  5. Esmond Morcus

    Esmond Morcus

    NAME: Esmond Morcus RANK: Acolyte FACTION: Galactic Empire SPECIES: Human BIOLOGICAL AGE: One Standard Year PHYSICAL AGE: Twenty Five Standard Years SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.84 Meters WEIGHT: 83 Kilos EYES: Blue HAIR: Dark Blonde SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES...
  6. Armand Temi

    Natasa Zambrano

    NAME: Natasa Zambrano FACTION: One Sith RANK: Inquisitor/Acolyte SPECIES: Epicanthix/Human AGE: 19 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5’5” WEIGHT: 128 EYES: Green HAIR: Black and long SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES + Natasa enjoys culture, art, history and...
  7. Nyxie

    Approved Species  Mnenchei

    Designation: Sentient Homeworld: Mnencheiasus Languages: Mnenchalis, GSB Average Height of Adults: 2.08 m Skin Color: Grayscale Hair Color: White, Silver Breathes: Oxygen (159,400±20,000 ppm / ~15.94% or more) Name: Mnenchei (pronounced "mynh-N-kī") Biology: Mnenchei are humanoid mammalian...
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