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  1. Ender

    Request  I need backgrounds

    Hi! I just am looking for someone who could make a background for a story. If you are interested you can message me or put it in the replies. If you want to get started and send me them, the idea is a team of Imperial Supercommandos entering a bar that looks like a bunker surrounded by vines...
  2. Garou Shakti

    Request  Looking for someone to make a better design for the Clan Shakti Signet

    I made the current signet from playing around with colors and filters but if someone could make a better one that is just a 2d red chirodactyl head on a black background similar to the mythosaur I would be greatly appreciative.
  3. L

    Musings of the N1-F

    Lira lay back in the comfortable embrace of her bed within the Luminary, her modified freighter. The ship's gentle hum provided a soothing backdrop as she released a deep sigh, feeling a mixture of excitement and pressure. With the stylus in hand, she pulled up the digital canvas on her datapad...
  4. Jake Ateris

    Request  Scroll Character Profile Design

    Could someone make a scroll profile template, please?
  5. Valery Noble

    LFG  Looking for Artisan — Lightsaber Design

    Hullo! I'm looking for a (Jedi) Artisan who is able to create a double-bladed lightsaber and is willing to work with a Jedi. Valery primarily used one prior to her long time in stasis, and I'm looking for her to finally build herself a new one. I'm not quite sure if people have any characters...
  6. Tefka

    Contest  Age of the Underworld Postbit Design Contest

    Postbits, the area to the left of your posts where your avatar/username/flair sits, are now up for grabs as we've implemented the ability to make background designs for it. So far, we've only implemented the Onyx design to change its color, but now I'm going to open up the doors to the community...
  7. Yula Perl

    First Reply  By Design

    //Denon //49th Precinct Holding Cell “Yeesh, watch the hair!” There were two officers flanking the Zeltron; each held one of her arms securely. One of them sneered and rolled his eyes. “No one touched your hair.” Overworked, underpaid, and far too tired to deal with this woman’s bullchit...
  8. Krin'nusissh

    cool msg boxes? awsome design backround on your name?

    How come a lot of people have awsome msg boxes, with cool styles and even character icons in the text msg? I couldn't find a single guide explaining "how to be as awesome as the veterans while RPing" lol
  9. The Monster

    Approved Tech  Mark II Cased Ammunition Design

    ..........FREEBIRDS.. INDUSTRIES.......... OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a standardized technology for kinetic based weapons and firearms Image Source(s): Gallery Canon Link: None Permissions: None Primary Source: Telescopic Ammunition, ETC Guns PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  10. Manaruth

    Creating a raid boss as a character?

    Hello so i'm currently coming up with a lot of ideas for characters, and i've thought a lot about creating something like a world boss you would see in SWTOR. What gave me this idea is that there's a title named ''monster'' that you can request from the admins. I want to create a giant behemoth...
  11. Varus Shatterstar

    New Sig befitting of a Knight

    So I just recently got promoted to Jedi Knight and I'm looking to spice it up just a bit with my Sig. I think a change is in order from what I currently have. ^_^ If anyone would like to try and tackle this for fun then please feel free to! I'd love to see what you talented artists are capable...
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