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  1. Makai Dashiell

    Private  What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?

    THE WEDDING Myra Elspeth Arceneau | Danger Arceneau | Judah Dashiell | Thessa Kai | Iko Vel | Casteel Mer'taal | Persephone Dashiell
  2. Persephone Dashiell

    Character  Persephone Dashiell

    PERSEPHONE DASHIELL Nickname : Persie Age : 13 Species : Human, distant Hapan lineage Gender : Female Weight : Petite Height : Petite Force Sensitive : No Strengths : Street Smart, Fashionista, Resourceful Weaknesses : Fashionista, Smart Mouth, Lost Family : Makai Dashiell ...
  3. Makai Dashiell

    Private  Eternal Flame [ Centrality ]

    Huila Station was jam packed. Vessels littered the space surrounding the station, jockeying for the limited docking spaces around the ring. Cargo vessels, personal transports, freighters, and the like all had to wait their turn. It caused nothing but chaos in the hangars and loading docks...
  4. Judah Dashiell

    Private  Take On Me

    Why am I being carried? Why do the arms feel hard? Metal? Head was pounding, it felt like it was about to split open. One side of his face was just in massive pain and it felt swollen? Bruised? Dizzy and nauseous just topped everything off. It felt as if he was hungover in a way but also ten...
  5. Ezekiel Dashiell

    Character  Ezekiel Dashiell

    NAME: Ezekiel Malachi Dashiell ALIAS: Zeke HOMEWORLD: Saleucami RESIDENCE: Here and there PROFESSION: Professional wanderer... and procurer of... items of value. MARITAL STATUS: Single FORCE SENSITIVE: No ALIGNMENT: My own? RANK: Captain, savvy. FACTION: Ahhh... I'm not the sort to be tied down...
  6. Danger Arceneau

    Private  Landslide

    Nathema Arceneau Trade - Persephone Base| Theme Several months ago Just because a woman is good at something doesn't necessarily mean it's what she should do in life. If that were the case, most women in the Arceneau family would be women of corporate means or Companions. For men, business is...
  7. Makai Dashiell

    Character  Makai Dashiell

    Makai Dashiell Birthplace Ceto Age Young Adult Rank Business Heir Faction Independent Home Palanhi Species Half-Human Half-Galan Gender Male Force Sensitive No Height 1.82m Weight 77 Kg Hair Color Dark Brown Eye Color Blue Skin Color Tanned Distinctive features...
  8. Skyler

    Noelani Kai

    NAME: Noelani Kai RANK: Teenager SPECIES: Galan/Human AGE: 14 SEX: Female HEIGHT: Average WEIGHT: Average EYES: Iced-azure HAIR: Wild curls of brown FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS: · Aqua girl – can breathe underwater, create air bubbles for others to breathe underwater, and is a strong swimmer...
  9. M

    Legacies: The Rock Show

    [member="Makai Dashiell"] Royalty. Wealthy. Force Sensitive? Yes. The Baroness has grown up with a silver spoon, but for all the glamour there was a lot of hard work. High expectations, and a lot of pressure to carry on her mothers' legacies. She was the subject of a lot of teen magazines...
  10. Judah Dashiell

    Approved Tech  Salacia Consolidated's Algae Biofuel

    Image Source: Here Intent: To create an alternative fuel source for the galaxy. Development Thread: Yacht Club Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated Model: Algae Biofuel [Liquid] Affiliation: Open Market Modularity: None Production: Mass Produced Material: Algae strains suited...
  11. Judah Dashiell

    Approved Tech  Ahi Fused Brick

    Image Source: Found here Intent: To provide a brick-like product that resists extreme heat, such as that from lava or extreme environments. Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated , Sub-Contractors of Salacia Consolidated Model: Ahi Fused Brick Affiliation: Open...
  12. Makai Dashiell

    Makai Dashiell

    NAME: Makai Dashiell FACTION: None - Sometimes hangs out with the Silver Sanctum RANK:#1 Son SPECIES: Half-Human, Half-Galan AGE: Currently under age 10 SEX: Male HEIGHT: Tall for age WEIGHT: Skinny for age EYES: Iced Azure HAIR: Driftwood brown SKIN: Tanned. Intermingled with patches...
  13. Judah Dashiell

    Approved Location  Sirene Islands

    Name: Sirene Islands Image Source: Link found here Classification: Islands [both small] Location: The Sirene Islands are located on the planet of Dac(or Mon Calamari). These islands are located well south of the Algae Sward sea, putting them out of the path of such phenomenon. Size: Both...
  14. Iona Starchaser

    Tobiah Dashiell

    New character, who dis?
  15. Judah Dashiell

    Approved NPC  Junia Dashiell

    Image credit here Name: Junia Dashiell (nee Millar) Aliases: Ma, Gramma Loyalties: Dashiell Family, Salacia Consolidated Role: Mother to Judah Dashiell , Mother-in-Law to [member="Thessa Kai"] , Grandmother to Makai Dashiell , Aunt to [member="Isaiah Dashiell"] Development...
  16. Judah Dashiell

    Approved NPC  Makai Dashiell

    Name: Makai Dashiell Loyalties: His parents and friends of his parents. Role: Biological son of Judah Dashiell and [member="Thessa Kai"] Development Threads: Building a Better Mook Trap No Punches Pulled Raiders of the Lost Extending the Front Facing the Sea Slaves of Gala SSB...
  17. Shar'tala

    Jinny Dashiell

    NAME: Jinny Dashiell FACTION: None RANK: Annoying Little Sister SPECIES: Humanoid AGE: 16 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6" WEIGHT: Average. This is rude to ask a lady. EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown SKIN: Tanned Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
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