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  1. Suonaak Resh

    Character  Gaius Kryze

    FACTION: New Imperial Order RANK: Captain AGE: 30 GSY SPECIES: Human (Concordian) SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.75 Meters WEIGHT: 69 kilograms HAIR: Blonde EYES: Green SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVITY: Unknown HOME: Concordia (Birthplace) PLAYBY: Tom Felton STRENGTHS Martial Prowess: Having been...
  2. Suonaak Resh


    ((SPECIES)) Near-Human, based upon body structure ((CULTURE)) Mandalorian (Dar'manda) ((GENDER)) Male (presumed); otherwise ambiguous ((FACTION)) Independent; Friendly to the CIS ((HEIGHT)) 1.76 meters (in armor) ((WEIGHT)) 68 kilos (in armor) ((HOMEWORLD)) Mandalore (spiritual, but exiled from)...
  3. Dhakarta


    NAME: Dhakarta, previously Dhakar'ta Kotir FACTION: Mandalorian Empire Mandalorian Protectors, CIS RANK: Warrior/Witch SPECIES: Human AGE: 32 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6 WEIGHT: 144 lbs EYES: Grey HAIR: Brown SKIN: Tanned FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes - Dathomirian Witch Tradition, Je'daii Alchemy...
  4. Coratanni Cartel

    Approved NPC  The Sarcina

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To sub an interesting unit for the Coratanni Cartel Image Credit: Inkary Role: Heavy Infantry Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Unit Name: The Sarcina Affiliation: Coratanni Cartel Classification: Heavy Infantry Equipment: -Mandalorian Armor -Mandalorian...
  5. Julian Viles Priest

    Approved Tech  Manda Ka'ra Armor

    Image Source: Intent: To create common armor among the Manda Ka'ra faction. Development Thread: If needed Manufacturer: Manda Ka'ra - Model: None Affiliation: Manda Ka'ra Mandalorians...
  6. Julian Viles Priest

    Operation: Moon Siege (Manda Ka'ra)

    Dxun, Onderon Manda Ka'ra Operation: Moon Siege Objectives: - Regain old Mandalorian Base - Clear out Renegade Mandos - Possible new objectives as the operation goes on The frigate, the Grim, came out of hyperspace just has it neared Onderon, a planet with Sith history so far...
  7. Mikey's OOC

    Julian Viles Priest (Updated 4/01/16)

    Present Julian NAME: Julian Viles Priest FACTION: One Sith / Clan Priest / Ember of Vahl / Sith Assassins RANK: Sith Acolyte / Clan Leader / Loyal Servant / Assassin in Training SPECIES: Mandalorian-Vahla AGE: 22 SEX: Male HEIGHT: Six Feet WEIGHT: 180 Pounds EYES: Violet (Normal) Red-Orange...
  8. Nyx

    Kaali Verd

    I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was born on the planet of Hoithea in 800 ABY, to a Dark Jedi Cult that called themselves 'The Hand Of the Shadow'. I was never told who my mother and father were, just like the rest of the children born into the cult. As early as I can remember, they...
  9. Grrwunhoooll Agaburry


    My name is Shiro and though im Dar'manda, I feel this faction could benefit me greatly.
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