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  1. Jay Williams

    LFG  The Corsair Alliance's Birth

    So, my character Jay will be looking to build a sort of collaborative alliance of neutral Pirates, Force Users, and the like, as well as Ex Members of Dark Side Factions. He is calling this group the "Corsair Alliance". If anyone is interested, let me know.
  2. Hyperion

    Character  Rohak Vizsla

    "THERE COMES A TIME WHEN A MAN MUST SPIT ON HIS HANDS, HOIST THE BLACK FLAG AND BEGIN SPLITTING THROATS" music ghost of the navigator Aliases None yet Class(es) Pirate Mandalorian Birthplace Wayland Age Thirties Personality Traits Greedy Ambitious Honorless Mild Schizophrenia...
  3. O

    Character  [WIP] Orube Dallas

    [Artwork created by writer] ORUBE DALLAS BASIC ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral SPECIES: Ghostling + (mutation) FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (weaker connection) AFFILIACTIONS FACTION: - The Ascendancy DIVISION: - RANK: - APPEARANCE GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 175cm BUILD: Normal, strong. EYES: Mint green SKIN...
  4. Irratar Hemstagon

    Approved Starship  Quardent-Class Corsair Destroyer "Soudforz"

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a modified corsair version of the Quardent-Class Destroyer Image Source: Here Photoshopped by me Canon Link: NA Permissions: NA Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Athysian League Colonial Industries Affiliation: Athysian...
  5. Irratar Hemstagon

    Approved Starship  Lonchis-Class Battlecruiser "Blood Spear"

    A Lonchis-Class Battlecruiser, accelerating befoe entering hyperspace OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Meant to serve as a capital ship for Irratar's Raider Fleet. Image Source: Art Credit: Snowman98 Canon Link: NA Permissions: NA Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
  6. Irratar Hemstagon

    Character  Irratar Hemstagon, the Black Prince of Kardir

    NAME: Irratar Hemstagon, the Black Prince of Kardir FACTION: The Athysian League, Kardir Hive City-State RANK: Phoa (Dark Side Adept) SPECIES: Human (Athysian) AGE: 45 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1,93m. WEIGHT: 95kg. EYES: Black, Yellow when under the influence of the Dark Side HAIR: Bald SKIN...
  7. R


    NAME: Zedious Ryiah Corsair NICKNAME: Z or Zee FACTION: The Silver Jedi Order RANK: Jedi Padawan SPECIES: Humanesque AGE: 14 SEX: yes, I mean, male HEIGHT: 5'8 WEIGHT: 140 EYES: green, like my mum HAIR: Brown SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES : + Heir to the Force...
  8. 4ND-R0

    Richel Dontez, the Privateer Jedi

    NAME: Richel Dontez (Ree-Shell Don-tez) FACTION: Silver Sanctum RANK: Privateer / Padawan SPECIES: Human AGE: 27 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5’8” WEIGHT: 175 lbs EYES:Brown HAIR: Reddish-Brown SKIN: Light Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. HOMEWORLD: Onderon FACE: Captain Harlock Voice: Matthew Mercer as...
  9. Judas Wayne

    Raphael d'Assad

    Image Link NAME: Raphael d'Assad FACTION: Dragon's Thorn RANK: None SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5"6 WEIGHT: 195 lbs EYES: Copper HAIR: Blonde SKIN: Tanned FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
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