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  1. Tefka

    Question  So we notice changes are being made to the Factory, but what about the Codex?

    If you have suggestions for how to make the Codex better, leave them here please.
  2. Be'iqaronn

    Discussion  How I break down and do combats (Asking for critiques and possible changes)

    First let me apologize for this being a wordy mess. Hello I was just curious about an entire idea and if anyone had any critiques or ways to improve this style of writing fighting: Note: This is designed for long fights, like duels or big ones in skirmishes, junctions, etc. So how I have...
  3. Valery Noble

    Discussion  Changes to Major Faction Mandates

    For the longest time, I didn't even really know they were a thing, but a conversation with other GA staff members got me looking at the MF Mandates, and gave me the idea to put up this discussion. Looking at the list of available mandates, I personally feel that while some of them are really...
  4. Valerian Calore

    Codex Denied  Clan Calore (Resubmitted with changes bc I’m dumb)

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To flesh out a character I write Image Credit: Me Canon: No Permissions: N/A Links: N/A GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: Clan Calore Classification: Mandalorian Clan / Political Body Affiliation: Mandalorian Enclave, itself Description: A Mandalorian...
  5. Avalore

    Private  Well that changes things.

    Avalore hated the stagnancy of bacta tanks, even if they were useful. Three days of that soul sucking solitude and it was now as if her head and spine had never been crushed against an arena wall at all. Convenient. It had did little for her temperament, though. The girl stabbed at her salad...
  6. Siriwook

    In case of deadbeat Sith ghost dads....

    Siriwook paces her ship anxiously. Curious about why her chest is hurting, she's searched the archives for information and discovered she may have the symptoms of pregnancy. But she doesn't think she's done anything that might lead to pregnancy, or that she's hermaphroditic and reproducing...
  7. Quietus

    Codex Updates/Changes

    This is the thread where the Administration Team keeps a change log of what happens within the Codex. Check here and see the changes when they happen.
  8. Vulpesen

    Schedule changes

    So, some of y'all may have noticed(though my low must may have also made it difficult to discern as I've been missing quite a bit lately), but I've been, and will continue to be on a sort of loa on all Saturdays and Sundays due to my week schedule. I might show up later in the night(such as...
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