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  1. Sethrak

    Minor Faction Bryn'adul Status Update #1

    The Collapse of The Bryn'adul Empire The Bryn'adul Empire has completely collapsed with the death of The Ish'makra and their most recent string of major defeats. Leaderless, and battered from years of war against a coalition of enemies, The many warlords within The Bryn Empire have called their...
  2. Sergeant Omen

    Faction Freeing a Monster from its Cage (SJC and Bryn)

    Location: Boz Pity [/center][/img]][/center] Omen looked through Macrobionulars on top of Boz Pity's cliffs at the canyon bottom below. It seemed like Bryn of all shapes and sizes were down there, camping among the bones of a...
  3. Trinity Harris

    Campaign Scientific expedition to Bryn controlled Lowick

    Destination: Lowick Objective: to investigate effects of Brynification on planet and pose reversal hypotheses. Invested Parties: Funding: Ashlan Science Directorate Scientific provisions: Boolan Murr University Military support: Eternal Empire Tags: Eleena Salwa Dr. Veinstein Jacob...
  4. Primal Architect

    Bryn'adûl | Bringing Fire

    ​The Chieftain of the Bryn'adûl called for the Ish'makra to gather, and the Seers bore news of a hidden settlement, one that harboured the defenders of the weak. The Bryn'adûl's ultimately despised adversary. Planet Eadu​, home to a retrofitted old One Sith research station, now used as a...
  5. Progflaw99

    Bryn'jarr Astaris

    *DECEASED* Killed during the defense of the Galactic Republic Embassy on Kashyyyk while being invaded by the Mandalorian Clans. Kill attributed to [member="Ronan Vizsla"] in single combat with Beskad. Bryn’jarr Astaris NAME: Bryn’jarr Astaris. FACTION: Galactic Republic RANK: Padawan...