The Collapse of The Bryn'adul Empire
The Bryn'adul Empire has completely collapsed with the death of The Ish'makra and their most recent string of major defeats. Leaderless, and battered from years of war against a coalition of enemies, The many warlords within The Bryn Empire have called their forces home as The Empire has shattered into dozens of subfactions. Some warlords are loyal to The First Warlock Sethrak and his reformist views, while others are hoping The Seers will come out of hiding and unite The Empire once more. Other warlords have taken the title of warchief themselves.

Beyond the factions in the struggle for leadership, there is a ideological war. Across Bryn territory Drael are taking a side in the allied races debate, with conservative drael going as far as to exterminate allied races on their planets in a complete genocide. The lack of leadership, hostile attitude for allied races, and general collapse of The Bryn'adul has caused The Vaydralen to leave The Empire. The remaining Allied races have remained in The Empire, clinging to the reformists...too weak to declare independence.

Meanwhile, with the few remaining forces within The Empire being called back to their respective Warlords, The borders have been left completely undefended against the many enemies of The Empire.

Chaos reigns within The Bryn'adul Empire. Will it recover? Can it recover? Will The Warlord Sethrak return from The Nether and rally the Empire, or will it be too little too late? Stay tuned to find out!

Sub Events within The Empire

The Death of Fleetmaster Badar
Fleetmaster Badar, The second most renowned of the Bryn'adul Admirals, has perished. His fall came when he attempted to stop a mutiny by the Vaydralen within his fleet. The mutiny was sparked by the recent collapse of The Bryn'adul Empire, which left Vaydralen across the remains of The Empire to question their already-shaken loyalty.

Badar was able to destroy a few of the Vaydralen ships before his own ship was boarded, leading to his execution and the dissolution of the fleet.

The Death of Thatzaer, "The Albino Ahkenaton"
The Albino Ahkenaton, Thatzaer, was killed on Lothal when a coalition of conservative Drael betrayed the Ahkenaton on the planet, wiping out their living quarters and taking over the command center. Some Drael loyal to Sethrak and his reforms, including the few Warlocks still on-planet tried to help the Ahkenaton, but most perished and the few remaing have hidden themselves, desperately awaiting the return of First Warlock Sethrak.