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black tie syndicate

  1. Cyrus Falcor

    House Call...The Surgeon is in

    Nar Shaddaa, a lowly planet of scum, villainy, and the most disgusting creatures known to Cyrus...the Living. Here, a group of Cartel members had been tracked down by Cyrus, they needed to no longer be alive, just for killing's sake. Headed across the putrid skies of the polluted planet, a...
  2. Miss Blonde

    Salt the Slugs

    Salt the Slugs "Did you know decimate and destroy are words with two separate meanings? Most people use them interchangeably, but they are two mildly different words." Miss Blonde and a group of speeders were in a deep swamp, all around them there were low hanging trees whose leaves...
  3. Miss Blonde

    Revenge Past Due [Nar Shadda]

    Revenge Past Due Miss Blonde at the end of the day was a crime lord, she wasn't a virtuous woman, and she sure as hell wasn't generous. And as much as it pained her to think, she knew she had become the type monster that she grew up fighting, life was just sort of cruel like that. But...
  4. Miss Blonde

    A Perfect Day [Coruscant Underworld]

    A Perfect Day Coruscant. The center and pretty much the capital of the Galaxy, the bright burning beacon of hope and change. It had been some time since the planet had seen change of this scale, for so long it had been within the shadow of the Sith, clutched within their tight fist. But...
  5. Cyrus Falcor

    Approved Tech  VT-001 Electro-Shuriken

    Image Source: Intent: To create a multi-use throwing weapon for use against droid and humanoid type foes 
 Development Thread: Manufacturer: Cyrus Falcor
 Model: VT-001 Electro Shuriken
 Affiliation: Black Tie Syndicate
 Modularity: No
  6. Alicia Drey

    Approved Location  Spice Mines of Kessel

    Spice Mines of Kessel OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a location for future roleplay involving my character. Image Credit: [Link] Canon: [Link] Permissions: N/A. Links: Purple Rejects. SETTING INFORMATION Mine Name: Spice Mines of Kessel. Material: Spice. Location: Kessel...
  7. Miss Blonde

    To Be Honest, We're Just Greedy. [ME,BTS,GR]

    People had disrespected the Mandalorian Empire, well not people, more singular really, person. That person being [member="Sanya Val Swift"] and her company Inquisition Industries. She stole Beskar from the capital of the empire and now it was time to pay the metaphorical piper. And what you...
  8. Miss Blonde

    Injustice For All [BTS]

    [CENTER] [font='Georgia] [SIZE=48px] Injustice For All The sight was grim. Two Antecedent police officers standing next to the dead body of a young Twi'lek female whose head was planted in the steering wheel of a speeder. Her only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and...
  9. Miss Blonde

    This Is A Tasty Burger [BTS & MC Raid on TU Roon]

    Theme Where people would pay for things there was a much simpler solution, just friggen steal it. And that was the objective today, steal anything that wasn't bolted down to the floor. Hell even the tacky little pens in the office there were millions of, and do you want to know why? For Miss...
  10. Miss Blonde

    Here's your housewarming gift, jerk. [PM admins to join if not a member]

    "Okay so, here's the situation. It seems some branch of Sith are cleaning out parts of the Coruscant. It's not confirmed if it's a part of the One Sith government but I'm pretty sure we can say it is. Now these Sith aren't like your normal saber jockeys waving their huge force hard ons and...
  11. Miss Blonde

    Death Of A Dynasty (Atrisia, pm for join)

    Death of a Dynasty Droplets of blood splattered against the clean white decorative walls of a small tea house after the sick cracking of a fist meeting skin and bone sounded. There was a grunt of pain and soon a more thick splatter of blood splashed out staining another portion of the...
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