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  1. Darth Laesis

    Discussion  Where my Jack stauber fans at?

    Any of yall here like Jack Stauber???
  2. Jsc

    LOA  Hello Star Trek Online RP Forum! Where my Catgirls at?

    Made you look. :p Anyway. I've been away for awhile and I thought it was a nice little vacation. I enjoyed the break. So much In fact that it's probably gonna stay that way for quite some time. So I'm make my RP vacation indefinite. Adios amigos! I'll see ya around the verse'! TIll next time. :)
  3. Caltin Vanagor

    Trying my hand at this "Template" thing.

    Caltin Vanagor Jedi Master Council Member OBJECTIVE Filler Text Filler Text I don't need latin to make filler text ;) Text Text Text Text Text
  4. R

    Private  Great! I'm back at square one!

    "Great! I'm back at square one! Just being above this place gives me the urge to...ah forget it." Ravenous peered deeper into his reflection the golden gaze it returned disturbing even to the one casting it. This new coping mechanism is a bust, Ravenous already directs most of his anger at...
  5. Caltin Vanagor

    Every Jedi deserves at least one amazing day (Open to any/all Jedi/Mando Cov)

    IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN... Location: Silver Rest Gathering Hall Entrance. Tag: Desbre Gensan / Any Jedi/Mandalorian OOC NOTE: Jedi and Mandalorian Covenant are more than welcome to join the ceremony, but please wait until Desbre responds. :) Thanks Caltin was standing...
  6. Desmundor Alcademon

    Private  At the Edge of the Universe

    "There she is! Take her out!" the echoing voices of the soldiers clustered her thoughts, as the unsettling scent of the Dark Side grew the more she regained her conciousness. The memory of the force blade igniting from the long hilt, slashing back and forth in a chorographic manner, as the...
  7. Thales Raynor

    Public  Peril & Opportunity at Treasure Ship Row

    Sitting in the shadows of the Fel Swoop cantina, Thales Raynor looked into the half-empty (or was it half-full?) mug of Corellian Whiskey sitting on the table. He touched the mug lightly with his right hand, watching as the lights flickered and distorted in the mesmerizing liquid. His left hand...
  8. E

      First (real) attempt at a Jedi

    This isn't the first time I wrote this character, and it isn't the first time I've written a Jedi, but it is the first time I actually put any significant effort into both taking ownership of the character's future and making a serious attempt to write a Jedi that I at least intend to stay a...
  9. E

    delete please

    late night dumb idea delete now please
  10. Coren Starchaser

    Private  At least one more hand, right?

    Coren Starchaser was a lot of things lately. Jedi Master, expert pilot, expert explorer and moderately more wealthy than he was before. Coren had won the Rimward Trade League race and scored about 150k credits. He was using most of it in saving, replacing ship parts and prepping the family to be...
  11. Darth Empyrean

    Faction  The Enemy At Home │ Sith Eternal

    Korriban 864 ABY Approximately 1:30AM Other than a small blinking red light illuminating the interior of the Adonis, the gathered agents were subject to little more than darkness. The rumble of the engines shook through the superstructure of the vessels, and every few moments the inertial...
  12. Zeren

    Private  Dawn Is Born At Midnight

    B E G I N N I N G S TAG: Valery Noble Solitude. It would seem that nothing but the punishment of loneliness would ever bring peace to his darkened soul. It was an escape. Here, on Spintir and lost in the very heart of its wilderness, he could try to outrun the ghosts that haunted him. Busy...
  13. Amadeus Tarkin

    Amadeus Tarkin

    NAME: Amadeus Tarkin FACTION: The Galactic Empire-Death Team 6 RANK: Seargent SPECIES: Corellian/Mandalorian Human AGE: 19 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'3" WEIGHT: 230 lbs EYES: Vibrant Green HAIR: Light Brown SKIN: Mid-Tan FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  14. Julius Sedaire

    An Uneasy Exchange

    Location: AEI HQ Draco Vereen... The name had crept up slowly, honestly not terribly well noticed by Ostanes in truth. The idea that a war-mongering mandalorian would begin to branch into his territory of Alchemy and such creations was ludicrous at first. But the rise of ArmaTech had taken...
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