Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Cassus Akovin

    Approved Tech  Prototype "Impregnable" Class Attire

    Image Source: Intent: To create a highly protective, flexible, and possibly fashionable prototype for a protective line of clothing produced by A.S.Co. using non-restricted...
  2. Cassus Akovin

    Triam Akovin's Next Mission - You Choose!

    As you may or may not have noticed, Triam Akovin's company has been inactive for awhile, but I'm going to start building and hunting things again. I would like, however, to gauge on the opinion of the community and any potential buyers! Keep in mind that I hope do most of these things at some...
  3. Cassus Akovin

    Apparently, I've got business to do :)

    Okay, so at the start of the year I only had control of my little Tier One Restricted Material Stocking and Miscellaneous Equipment Manufacturing Company, The Akovin Stock Company. As I stand right now as of this moment, I own a Tier Two Company (A.S.Co.), am currently in temporary custody of a...
  4. Cassus Akovin

    Approved Tech  The Relentless Blade

    Image Source: N/a Intent: To create an incredible and hopefully iconic weapon that shall become Triam's signature choice for battle... after considerable training of course. Development Thread: Drinking on Christophis (Link leads to first most relevant post related to the submission) - In a...
  5. Cassus Akovin

    Approved Tech  Super-Robot Super-Frame Mark I

    Image Source: N/a Intent: To allow Triam Akovin the ability to wield both the Repulsion Super-Shovel (Mark I), and the Repulsion Super-Drill (Mark I) at the same time over an extended period of time. Development Thread: N/a Manufacturer: A.S.Co. Model: Heavy Lifting Droid Support Frame...
  6. Cassus Akovin

    Approved Tech  Repulsion Super-Drill Mark I

    Image Source: N/a Intent: To create a high-tech "drill" that can break lots of material (such as the material around ores) with a singular individual Development Thread: N/a Manufacturer: A.S.Co. Model: Ore Drilling Repulsion Beam Generator Prototype Affiliation: A.S.Co. Buyers Modularity: Not...
  7. Cassus Akovin

    Approved Tech  The Akovin Hand, from iBorg and A.S.Co.

    Image Source: N/a Intent: To create something I have wanted since making this character, which is to say a prosthetic that never wears down/protects from serious damage, with the added benefit of reducing fall damage; available to consumers. Development Thread: In the Eyes of the Beholder...
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