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  1. Makai Dashiell

    Private  More Machine Now

    New Sert Island , Arkas Makai hadn't had the chance to visit Arkas in some years. As a younger teenager he had spent time in the waves and on the sandy beaches, the island of New Sert one of his favorite locations. At the time, it had been nothing but locals selling their bounty from the ocean...
  2. Siobhan Kerrigan

    Approved Location  New Solstace

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Expand on Arkas and the Eldorai Diaspora. Image Credit: Here. Here. Canon: N/A. Permissions: ARGH gear available to Firemane per this thread. Blanket permission for anything made by Val here. Can use Firemane stuff because I own the company. Links: Eldorai...
  3. Tegaea Alcori

    Approved Location  Firehome - The Kerrigan-Alcori Villa

    The Kerrigan-Alcori Villa Mk2 OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a new residence for the Kerrigan-Alcori family. This house will be luxurious as befitting of tier 6 company owners, but it is purely for RP purposes. The defences it has are not excessive and fit their desire for...
  4. Makai Dashiell

    Approved Location  New Sert Island

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give a new island to Arkas ​Image Credit: Here Canon: N/A Links: Arkas, Freetown , Firemane Industries SETTING INFORMATION Landmark Name: New Sert Island Classification: Island Location: Arkas , slightly northwest to Freetown Affiliation...
  5. Makai Dashiell

    Fire by the Sea

    Arkas | [member="Tegaea Alcori"] | Setting foot back on a tropical planet felt right. Already the breeze was pushing through his dark,unruly hair. Distantly he could smell the salty sea, hear the waves crashing against a beach. It was normal. Planets shouldn't be covered in ice and snow...
  6. Maiev

    A Healing Retreat

    Arkas - A few months before Outbreak Amongst their time together; that didn't consist of occupying one bed or another, Maiev had gotten to know Elpsis a lot more. She had learned of the various people in the empath's life, such as the few aunts she had. One in particular became a noted topic...
  7. Zak Dymo

    Cake by the Ocean (The Coalition Dominion of Arkas)

    Welcome to the Silver Sanctum Coalition's Dominion of Arkas. Please number your posts and remember no one WRITER may contribute more than 20 posts (regardless of the number of alts or characters they may portray with subaccounts) OBJECTIVES A. Help the citizens of Freetown, the home of...
  8. Valiens Nantaris

    Approved Location  Freetown

    Freetown, Arkas Name: Freetown Image Source: Here. Bequia Harbor Classification: Town Location: Arkas, just south of the former Tripoli base. Affiliation: Silver Sanctum Coalition, Freespace Rangers. Population: 7,500. Demographics: 60% human, 15% Twi’lek, 5% Rodian, 20% misc. As...
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