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  1. Tefka

    Writing an Omni-Drone

    Writing/Converting To An Omni Drone Omni converts his followers to his matrix, rewriting reality to reflect his vision. In Oblivion, he has stepped beyond the constraints of Galactic technology. Writing 1. You can remain the same appearance or not, it's up to you. Omni caters to his...
  2. R

     So I'm actually gonna write an Arc...

    Skip to "Okay I'm done ranting now" if you don't want to see me shatter my own ego Yes, I want to plan out an ACTUAL character arc for once! Is that so unbelievable? Sure most of the time whenever Ravenous has a character arc it just spontaneously happens when I accidentally manage to focus on...
  3. A

    LFG An exciting start with a new character

    Hiya! (Yes I had no idea how to name this thread but idc), I've created this character a few days ago and am willing to start my first thread with her. She's a Silver Jedi Knight and pretty timid/pacifist. So I'm not really looking for any combat at first, but I'd honestly wouldn't mind if it...
  4. Caltin Vanagor

    Relics of an old Republic

    Was thinking of doing a sort of sub-sect of the Silvers based on the apparent (and welcome) influx of characters around during the Clone Wars, be it just living through it or frozen on an ice world or in stasis. Any interest?
  5. Brimstone

    Faction Recovering an impounded Barbarian - faction + mercs welcome

    Mission lead : Brimstone Support of faction: Ashlan Crusade Location: nameless moon just outside Sith space Possible defenders: local military forces, potential local sith reinforcement Collateral damage: no non military presence Objectives: Infiltrate base descend in to starship impound...
  6. Beltran Rarr

    Question Creating an alias

    Simple enough. I wanted to create an alias for my character to use while he's off learning Sithy Withy stuff. Is there a codex submission I could use to codify that alias at all?
  7. Resurgent Regiment

    Dominion An Uncivil War: First Order Dominion of Keskin

    THE INTERVENTION ON KESKIN begins, as the former First Order world plunges into a bloody civil war between two groups. On one side are former Imperial loyalists while arrayed against them is a vicious rebel movement. Caught in the middle is the civilian population, most of whom seek peace and...
  8. Davak

    Private An Outback Mystery: The disappearance of "Sori" SH-300

    - New Outback - - The spaceport of Sedaire's Landing- "This is Captain Percy Fowl speaking of the SORI SH-300 we are ready for take-off on this fine afternoon, do we have permission to start out engines?" A voice answered over speakers "Permission granted, farewell captain". And with that...
  9. Z

    Work In Progress How do resize an image for posting on forum?

    I want to post a picture and have the BBCode. The usual things like img=50x20 or img=w,50 arent working. Any tips? For reference the code i have looks like (obviously with the correct bracket type) {Img}https://__blahblahblah___.png{/img}
  10. Hawk Hinata

    Hello *Lofts an eyebrow*

    Nice looking place you have here, a bit more involved than the rp places I'm used to but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Might take some getting used to though.
  11. Kir Dantos

    Private P A D A W AN L O S T (solo rp)

    PADAWAN LOST OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE JUNGLE FELUCIAN VILLAGE, FELUCIA A FEW HOURS AFTER THE BATTLE OF FELUCIA EQUIPMENT: N/A Everything hurt. Kir could detect the highest concentration of pain coming from his right leg, some sort of liquid was oozing from it, his best guess was blood. Lights...
  12. Caltin Vanagor

    LOA (Not quite an) LOA

    I just got out of a meeting and got smacked with some reality. I'm not completely disappearing, but this is my last week at work before my (early) retirement and they're not letting me go without a fight... er "Showing of appreciation" so I have exit interviews, debriefs, and they're making me...
  13. Caltin Vanagor

    Looking for a cure... in an old familiar place.

    IT'S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN... Location: Silver Rest Equipment: Conservator and Vanguard 2.0 (Lightsabers) Comm-link, Rebreather, Custom Robes Starship: Starlight Sentinel, (Dilorian in cargo bay) Companion: Astromech R01R - "Roller", Pilot droid Mu51c - "Music" Tag: Kuxirra...
  14. Broka the Hutt

    Private An Inevitable Meeting

    Location: Broka's Palace on Annaj Tags: Loreena Arenais Taozi Fuyuan Aloy Vizsla Broka's new palace was finally complete. It was made in the same style as his on Nal-Hutta. Three towering wings that reached for the sky and loomed over the locale. The palace was built atop mountains overlooking...
  15. Matthew(Rogue)Drevur

    Looking for an old master

    The title explains it all, sort of. If anyone read my bio they know that I abandoned the Jedi order, leaving a master to wonder why I did it. I need someone for story reasons to be my old master, and to probably have an epic duel which answers some questions about my character and other stuff...
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