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  1. Tefka

    Staff  Droid Template 7.0

    Droid Template OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: (Example: 'An advanced protocol droid for the Kathol Republic') Image Source: (Please link to where you found the image, or to the original artist if possible. TinEye or Google Image Search can help.) Canon Link: (Please link the canon link...
  2. Tefka

    Rules Update  Major Faction SWRP Admin Prohibition Lift

    The following rule has been removed from the Major Faction ruleset: “5. SWRP Administrators are prohibited from joining Major Faction Moderation, Creative, or Administrative teams in any capacity, to include subfactions and other related factions of note.”
  3. Tefka

    Staff  Recusing Myself As Admin Pt. 3

    I understand Staff and the community will think, collectively, "why even have a poll/discussion" if I was just going to do it anyways. Well, as I always tell you, the part where we discuss things matters. The discussion itself and the energy that takes, that's what we do. We have the...
  4. Tefka

    Staff  Please Welcome Our New Chaos Admin

    Collector will be joining the SWRP Chaos Administrators. Welcome aboard!
  5. Salamander

    Accidentally requested a second account

    I mistakenly requested a second account for my character with the username "Alyosha Drutin" under a different email address. If the request for this account comes in, please delete it as I will be making a sub instead.
  6. Asaraa Vaashe

    Celebration - New staff

    The Silver Jedi continue to grow and push and evolve and it's frankly awe-inspiring the amount of work you're all putting in to develop the faction and build up the community. I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the hard work and amazing writing you've been putting in, hopefully, this...
  7. Progflaw99

    Invasions - Reporting a Concluded/Ready to be Judged Invasion

    Regarding Invasions I figure since I've been around for a handful of these now, I should really get around to bringing this up. Each invasion I've completed while involved as a faction owner or faction staff has begun, been conducted, and completed, but it seems that there's a severe lack of...
  8. Mantic Dorn

    Jedi temples?

    Hey hey, I clicked the "Jedi temples" link in the forum navigation and was not allowed access. Perhaps that's intended but just in case there is a glitch I thought I should bring it up.
  9. Thurion Heavenshield

    I Wanna Be a Cool Kid, Too!

    Wow. I went to bed last night and this whole thing was created. Cool. I've put up a couple feedback threads in the past, but now that everyone's doing it like it's going out of style, I figured I'd post this official version of it. I arrived on this site in early September back in 2013 thanks...
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