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  1. DeadpoolMLP

    Approved Location  Daxam II Abandoned Rebel Base

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Abandoned Rebel stronghold for rediscovery by my character, and to give people somewhere to plunder for old equipment. Image Credit: Edge of the Empire Sourcebook: Strongholds of Resistance Canon: No Permissions...
  2. Jasper Kai'el

    Approved Location  Abandoned HoloNet Facility, Corellia

    ABANDONED HOLONET FACILITY, CORELLIA OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: This is an old HoloNet facility that I plan for my character, Jasper Kai'el, to send a warning transmission to the Galaxy on about the Hutt Space Consortium. Image Credit: Artist: Jean-Philippe Martel...
  3. Muntenli Joskar

    Private  Abandoned Jedi Temple on Pitann: A Hunt For Artifacts

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pitann. A barren planet, except for the boomtowns that covered the northern hemisphere of the desert world. These towns sprung up when rich veins of ore were discovered just below the surface, and as a result...
  4. Credit Wizard

    Public  Abandoned Jedi Temple on Raptorious III

    ABANDONED JEDI TEMPLE ON RAPTORIOUS III ABANDONED JEDI TEMPLE ON RAPTORIOUS III TAGS: Dantum Kryszar Spek Zhio Connie Copal [Open to anyone else that drops by] LOCATION: War Ravaged World of Raptorious III, Near the Abandoned Jedi Temple. RELEVANT LINKS: Monkrove Irs'Valachie Moldova...
  5. Credit Wizard

    LFG  Abandoned Jedi Temple Mission?

    Greetings to anyone who is interested in this mission. Since my character is missing more action focused threads and has been mainly doing social events. I figured it was time to branch out and explore other options. The Mission will evolve the exploration and recoveration of any artifacts of...
  6. Malka Kaivalya

    Private  Uncovering the Abandoned Past

    Location: Qiilura, above an old, abandoned Jedi Temple Tags: Darth Ophidia Personal Objective: Retrieve what was once mine It had been a decade since Malka had stepped foot off that broken, desolate rock her 'once comrades' forced her on. Left to rot, die and become a distant memory. A secret...
  7. Darth Strosius

    Private  Useless Abandoned Stations

    Somewhere in the Tingel Arm... With the Sith Empire having fallen, so many of its various outposts and stations would be the first to be abandoned by the now-remnant forces of the Empire. Thankfully though, there were still plenty of said stations floating around that could house useful...
  8. Tyluko-Kai Kaimana

    Approved Location  Downed Separatist Transport- Mon Cala

    Name: Gozanti Class Cruiser (The Stellar Manta) OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a starting point for Tyluko and give him somewhat of a place of his own. This will also serve as a monument to Tyluko's past life. Image Credit...
  9. Curupira Hawk

    Twi'leks! Twi'leks everywhere! (Abandonded)

    So... this girl wanted Curupira to teach her stuff. That message, when she had receieved a while back, made the redhead think long and hard on whether she wanted to do it, if she was even ready for that. Ruu didn't really train people. She'd somewhat started telling her daughter things but she...
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