Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. HypeMeowX3

    have not rped since 2019 since amino went downhill but id like to try again :)

    i have lost all of the things of much of my characters but perhaps getting back into rps will help me remeber some stuff i really liked doing it back then and met great people out of it, where should i start? :)
  2. Jsc

    Feedback Poll: Do You Use The Chaos Timeline?

    Ya know. I've been thinking about how little I reference the Chaos Timeline recently. When it comes to building new stories these days, for me anyways, most of the big and small timeline events are actually best left to the past. As far away from new characters or new groups as I can make them...
  3. S

    Character Diana McClaine

    Diana McClaine Name: Diana McClaine Species: Human Female 178 cm - 5' 10" 77 kg - 170 lbs Force Sensitive Description: Diana McClaine is a wise, worldly woman with colorful blonde hair and somber brown eyes. She was born into a fortune of silver and gold and. As such, she grew up...
  4. Jsc

    New Character Bio Template. Pitch Me.

    Chaos is an ever changing beast. Which, I find to be a good thing. Likewise, with every new year comes new opportunities to improve, advance, and perhaps even evolve into something better. Out with the old ways of thinking and of doing, and in with the new. Anyways. Progress rant aside. As I...
  5. L

    Lynette De Celeste Lykova

    Lynette De Celeste Lykova Name: Lynette "Listy" De Celeste Lykova Species: Galactic Human - Korviti Royal Female 178 cm - 5' 10" 77 kg - 170 lbs Force Sensitive Description: Lynette is a strong stately woman with colorful blue hair and playful blue eyes. Born to wealth and endless...
  6. B

    Her Eternal Fortress

    The Karsk Coastal Mountains Kara-Shehr Bella contacted [member="Laertia Io"] a few days later. The Rannon Temple had deciphered the compass and discovered something rather strange. Coordinates and a Force Vision about Kara-Shehr. More specifically, The De Lifte subterranean. An estate located...
  7. Jsc

    Q: How many threads are you limiting yourself to this month?

    We all have our limits. :p Q: How many threads are you limiting yourself to this month?
  8. B

    The Glittering Isles

    Over an Uncharted Gas Giant Unknown Space In the black darkness of space. A vessel emerged from Lightspeed. Silent and still. Quiet and serene. It glided slowly over the uncharted system. Moments passed in the dark quiet of space and carrier ship slowly discharged a landing vessel. The tiny...
  9. B

    The Search for Gemini

    The Hellion Shelf Tatooine The Jedi Blockade Runner came to a swift landing over the rocky desert wilds. Dropping the landing gear and coming aground with a quick thud. It was a hot morning underneath Tatooine's twin suns and not even the tall jutting rock spires of the desert badlands could...
  10. Connor Harrison

    Star Wars: Episode IX

    Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms that 'Episode IX' is in pre-production! Woohoo! Directed by Colin Trevorrow, who or what do you want to see for the final (currently) chapter and the (should be) absolute final episode of the...
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