Citizens of the Eternal Empire!

Today I have to announce a very important and sad event that has shaken the life of the Empire. The Rebels have today crossed a border from which there is no going back. These Rebels have so far carried out many horrific acts against innocent imperial citizens, but today they also attacked a peaceful astronomical base where all civilian personnel were slaughtered to set an example for the entire Empire.

I would like to reassure all citizens of the Empire that this event will not go unpunished and you are safe. Blackwatch promises you that all rebels will pay for their actions. From this day, neither they nor their families or acquaintances can't live in safety either. It will not protect them either, if they are not citizens of the Empire, we will hunt them down even beyond the borders of the Empire. They cannot believe that a state border can protect them from Imperial justice. They will pay for all their crimes and sins, so that you can continue to live in safety.

Precisely for this to happen as soon as possible and as quickly as possible, we ask everyone if you sees a suspicious person, they may be your neighbour - since the rebels may be everywhere - or someone doing something that does not fit into the ideas of the Empire, feel free to report these to Blackwatch. We will investigate all cases as thoroughly as possible. With this, we are also trying to make your protection even more effective. If the Empire manages to arrest rebels after someone’s or your announcement, you can expect a high reward. These may seem like serious steps, but they are necessary for a secure Empire to function.

If someone is a law-abiding citizen, they don’t have to fear anything. But whoever has anything to do with the Rebels, you can be afraid. If someone feels they have anything to do with the Rebels but they want to leave that organization, and they are volunteering in one of Blackwatch’s offices, they may even receive an amnesty if they help the Empire. However, who does not comply with this last call, we will act against them with the principle of zero tolerance, for the sake of the Eternal Empire and of you, the citizens of the Empire.

Long live the Emperor and the Eternal Empire!