Panatha is destroyed.

You can find the result thread's link at the bottom of this article, I'll not copy the result here, I hope you don't mind. But you can find the awards here (and later at least 3 Factory thread will coming too):

For all participants:

Eternal Empire + Allies:

Brotherhood of the Maw:

Eternal Empire members:

Awards for some EE players (by the faction staff) for their actions, bravery, etc.:
(The highest award what you can get in the Empire)

Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim (posthumous?)
Silhana Cadera
Adenn Kyramud (posthumous)
Mig Gred
Rath Nihro (and with it the Lord Commander rank)
Imperator Sarilia Ellwin (with an Admiral and EE noble rank, and with the Baroness of Belsavis title)
Trinity Harris (with a promotion, to Colonel rank)​

The participants:
Aron Gowrie, Thomas Barran, Onrai, Ara Sheridan, Nyaeli, Ronar, Torrun Vell, Asudai Rapux, Kriegan Tavlar, Erion Justeene, Adenn Kyramud, Mig Gred, Tegan Starfall Tegan Starfall , Shani, Niki Priddy, The Battalion The Battalion , Trinity Harris, Bella, Mykel Fellheart, Kyrel Ren, Kralmus Orr, Zachariel Steelblood, Tu'teggacha, Garrus Garon, Mairéad Solus, Rath Nihro, Jas Katis, Silas Westgard, Jasper Kai'el, Kybo Ren, Rhiannon Dinn, Nukth Kelga'an, Tovald Kahmen’’a, Anashja Tal, Vorm Ren, Zhea Nox, Aemulor the Hutt, Caltin Vanagor, Imperator Sarilia Ellwin, Genesis Draykin, Khamul Kryze, Lyssa Io, Rebirth, Ivixa Nera'kas, Aien Mueller, Akûz the Ravager, Lichix Taroq, Nal'Khem Szat, The Runt, Veyli Xoxtin, Naidim Icayon, Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim , Silhana Cadera, Eina L'lerim-Vandiir , Keilara Kala'myr, Dodhorn Harert, Y'sanne Stradd , Ardana Vorco, STRATCOM

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