The Slayer God, The Breaker Of Mortals, Colossus Of War. Yun-Yammka, also known in the Yuuzhan Vong dialect as The Slayer, is worshipped primarily by the Warrior Caste of the major Yuuzhan Vong Domains. Appealing to the Slayer God is primarily done through death sacrifice, usually consisting of sacrificing captured enemies or defeated warriors prior to a major battle. Though it is said that Yun-Yammka is the origin of blood sacrifice, there has been many challenges on when and if it was started by the Slayer god. It is without doubt, however, that Yun-Yammka is second only to his Creator in terms of perceived power and worship.

All Warmasters are shaped in his image, or what they interpret to be his visage. In statues and other forms of art, his physical appearance was that of a yammosk, though more modern interpretations have him depicted as a colossal beast of eldritch origins. The Warrior Caste is fanatical in their devotion to him, holding him much higher in regard than the other Gods. It was even commonplace to place Yun-Yammka above Yun-Yuuzhan in terms of priority of worship due to their devotion.

In the True Way religion, Yun-Yammka is often paired with Yun-Harla as a religious dyad.

The Origin And History Of Yun-Yammka

Despite Yun-Yammka's importance in the culture of the Yuuzhan Vong praetors and Warrior Caste, it was determined during the War that he was not presumed to be of natural origin in the religion. It is assumed that during the Great War Of The Before-Time, against the mechanical species in the original Yuuzhan Vong Galaxy, the Priest Caste manipulated the other Castes and Domains by inventing Yun-Yammka as a cultural lightning rod in which to rally their forces. It is assumed to have worked, and has become a tradition of the religion until this very day.

Yun-Yammka and his sister, Yun-Harla, often get confused as the Twin Gods Yun-Q'aah and Yun'Txiin.

Holidays And Rituals

Yuuzhan Vong holidays follow the seasons of Yuuzhan'tar. In the dead heat of Summer is the Day Of Remembrance, where the Yuuzhan Vong all turn and face the Colossus of Luminoss statue of Yun-Yammka to pray and give thanks to the God and their ancestors that have fought in the wars of their people.
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