I used to think love was easy
I used to think that love was free
But I know my mistake
It isn't easy
Love is complicated
And hard
It's hard to work with
Hard to tell what's real
What's a dream
Decipher real left from real right
It's love
You don't wake up
Knowing if she is right
Or whether you'll be together forever
And ever and ever
And ever
You think of kissing
And holding
And loving
And she does the same
You hope
But she doesn't understand
Maybe too early
To love
To young to see reality
To consumed by love to see
Love blinds
Love makes you blind
To reality
And others needs
Others wants
Their love
I don't know how to speak
My tongue is severed
I am mute
I scream and no sound emerges
Between my chalked lips
I know what I must do though
I love her
I can't let her go
Not again...