Fallout: Uprising

Part One
The Legends of Hope
Chapter One
Here We Stand


The Mojave Wasteland...
REPCONN Test Facility…
Three Years after Second Battle of Hover Dam…
Emma sat their silently typing away on the console. She was making another log entry, the third of the day. Everyone at the site found it incredible- how much work she would get done with so little sleep. She hadn't slept much recently. Boone often told others it was her desire to work. It wasn't true. She was simply awake. She hadn't slept since her trip to the Divide and her encounter with Ulysses. She didn't know why it had played out the way it did. She was scolded after returning. Everyone asked the same question, why not wipe both Legion and NCR off the map for good? Her heart was too pure for such a rash thing. Even if they were to be attacked, she would never wipe out so many lives at once; especially when they are just living their everyday lives, not causing any problems directly.
That was three months ago and Ulysses was dead, along with the Divide. She wanted that in the past. Now she was just working. The Brotherhood was using REPCONN to help with a satellite program. Emma had uncovered a derelict satellite and decided to bring it back online. To have a satellite work from orbit would show everyone, not only those in New Vegas but the entire world, just how much has changed. However the technology was hard to master, it was Old World after all.
While she worked hard on this, she sent her team of experts around the Mojave to help out with rebuilding everything that was lost during the war three years prior. Arcade and Lily were in Jacobs Town to help with the last bit of research needed to cure the Nightkin Schizophrenia. Cass was helping with the rebuilding of the Crimson Caravan, which she was now in control of. Boone was training the new sniper task force, nicknamed Hot Heads. He was also convincing all the remaining members of NCR to defect to the Confederacy. It was working for the most part, those who didn't were executed. Raul was working on a new system to get the water from the NCR Sharecropper Farms and GoodSprings Source to all of the Mojave. With Raul was Rex, who Emma reluctantly gave to him. Rex was faithful to her and was coping well with his new brain, which Old Lady Gibson happily provided. ED-D and Veronica were both with Emma. Mainly because Veronica was better with the Brotherhood then Emma was. Although she was on better terms since having Hardin made elder.
Regardless, she wanted Veronica there in case anything went wrong. She doubted it but she knew to never be too careful. Right now everyone loved her. She was the one who was known as the hero of the Mojave. To drive out two powerful armies within months, it was a task only a true leader could accomplish. Her close friends, loyal militants, and happy civilians were the things that drove her to always do good.
As she finished her log she opened up another new folder. This one entitled Scouting. Although Emma considered New Vegas and Mojave her home, she wanted to start expanding south. Her ultimate goal was to one day reach the old capital, DC. She had heard many stories from travelers. The biggest story was about a man called The Lone Wanderer. Apparently this one man saved the entire Capital Wasteland from the Enclave. Not only that, but he was searching for a cure for Super Mutants. She told Doctor Henry about him, but he expressed doubts about his existence.
She knew it was far fetched, but she would never give up on someone who inspires hope. Hope…
The Capital Wasteland
Jefferson Memorial, Purifier Control Room…
Darren slowly made his way throughout the memorial. He was there for his weekly check on the purifier. He always did it. It was working great for eight years. "Eight years…" he whispered to himself quietly. "What?" asked Harkness.
Darren turned to him and shook his head. "Nothing… just reflecting…" Darren put down his clipboard and sat at the small table that was in the center hallway connecting the main generator with the water room. Harkness sat down and looked at him. "It's okay to talk…"
Darren looked at him for a second before smiling. "I know."
Harkness smirked. "Really… then talk."
Darren bowed his head, letting a heavy sigh out. "It's been eight years… Eight years of nothing but throwing myself into danger- nothing but saving humanity with every chance I got…." Darren sighed again. Harkness could feel in his heart where this was going, though he wanted to deny it.
"Darren…" Harkness said.
He was too late, Darren spoke. "I'm done. I'm going home, my real home."
"101?" Darren nodded. "But they exiled you…" Harness was going to try and say anything to keep Darren from going. As far as he was concerned, Darren was the one person who could rebuild all the chaos that was inflicted on this world. "They did exile me," Darren said, "although the new trade relationship I help set up between them and Megaton has helped me regain their trust."
"If I could say something to stop you from…"
"No." Darren looked at his friend, who was on the verge of tears. "I've spent eight years killing, trying to bring peace, and saving all lives- not that it matters since, in the end, things go right back to hell. And through it all I've faced pains that no other soul can possibly understand… Yet through all my pain and suffering, no one even remembers my name, just my title- Lone Wanderer."
"I may be synthetic, but I still have my human side…"
Darren stood, extended his arms out for Harkness to hug. They did. The two long friends hugged. As they broke apart, Darren nodded. "I'm going to the Citadel. It will take a week or two to get everything ready for me to leave and the Brotherhood all worked out."
Harkness nodded. "What about the Purifier? Who are you leaving it in charge with?"
Darren smiled. "My old friend… please take care of my father's legacy?"
Harkness nodded. "I will…"
The Citadel
Two Weeks Later…
Darren moved quickly down the halls of the Citadel. Behind him was Sarah, who was ranting about his decision. It was all the same points, mostly about what his father would do in this situation. He hated bringing him up in his arguments, he knew his father was intelligent enough to do anything. Darren, on the other hand, preferred moral choice and fate over science and logic. It was what carried him this far since leaving the Vault. Finally, he turned to Sarah. "Sarah…" Sarah stopped. She was interested in what he had to say. "I've spent the last eight years fighting without rest. I think, after all the things I've done, I deserve a break."
Sarah nodded. "You do… But why can't you just stay here- at the Citadel?"
Darren sighed. He gently grabbed her arm and gave a warm smile. "Its tempting but, my place is in that Vault." He quoted Amata, her words to him before leaving the Vault.
Sarah could see the look in his eyes; he was daydreaming about the past. Before she could say anything, they heard a loud yell from the end of the hall, "Elder Lyons has called a meeting!"
Darren returned to reality and both he and Sarah looked down the hall. "At least attend this last meeting?"
Darren looked back at Sarah. "Very well…." The two made their way down the hall at a steady pace.
The meeting room was full, each chair with a high ranking knight in it. But two chairs were empty, Gallows and Dusk. Suddenly everyone stood saluting. Lyons, who was on his last leg, slowly made his way to his chair at the far side of table. He nodded at each of the knights with a smile, and a wide smile to Darren. Once he reached his seat everyone sat. "Let us begin..." he said with his old and wise voice and tone.
"What about Gallows and Dusk?" Darren asked. They never started a meeting until all knights were accounted for.
"They are apart of this meeting, do not worry." Darren nodded and The Elder nodded back. "Now, as you all know we are apart of a larger force. The Brotherhood's west chapter has recently made contact with us." The chatter started as everyone knew the west chapter and this chapter, the north chapter, were enemies at best. "Now now..." Lyons said, raising his hands to let everyone know to stop talking. "They have informed be that they are currently started a new campaign to eliminate the remaining Enclave forces. However they are small and do not have the firepower to do so."
Darren heard many stories of the west. The most recent was about a young girl, Emma otherwise known as The Courier, who had drove two forces out of the fabled New Vegas. She secured its freedom. The stories then told of her being a great leader and inspiring hope. Darren thought they needed more people like that. It was then that a red flag went up in his mind. "Elder, if I may speak..." Lyons nodded and Darren stood for everyone to see. "The west chapter is allied with New Vegas. The leader of New Vegas, the Courier, would have supported them. So this is a secret operation, there must be more to this..."
Everyone looked around at each other. Some agreeing, some disagreeing, all intrigued. "If there is more to this like you say," Lyons started, "then we should investigate. A team of Knights will move to New Vegas and investigate the chapter."
Darren liked that idea. "Darren, while they investigate the chapter, you find this Courier."
Darren didn't like that idea. "What?"
"You seem to be the only one with knowledge about him."
"The Courier- it's a her."
Lyons nodded. "Exactly my point. You would be doing us all a great deed by helping us with this matter."
Darren just nodded, confirming his affiliation with this new mission. "Gallows and Dusk have already moved ahead, they are waiting at the border. The team going will consist of Colvin and Wilks as the leaders; Artoro, Concard, Artemis, and Church will be there for support. Once you reach the border of New Vegas, Darren will break off and do his job while the rest of you investigate our brothers." Everyone looked at each other, this mission would be large and would take months to complete. But they all seemed ready. "Meeting adjourned."
Everyone stood and started flooding out into the halls. Everyone except Darren and Sarah. "Something you wish to discuss, Darren?"
Darren looked at Lyons and nodded. "Sir, I will do this job for you but no more. After this I'm retiring. I've done enough... I hope you understand."
Lyons nodded. Walking over he put his hand on Darren's shoulder. "You are like a son to me. If you want to leave, you may."
Darren stood and thanked him. He made his way out into the halls and towards his room, where he would prepare for the long road ahead. Sarah then stood and faced her father. "Why not me?"
"Vegas is far from here, the roads perilous. I cannot let you put yourself in danger."
Sarah nodded. "I suppose it makes sense."
But she, in her mind, already hatched a plan on how to go with them. She turned and left, her father left confused. He walked out and saw Cross. "Cross..." She turned and saluted. "At ease. I need you to keep on eye on Sarah, do not let her go on this mission." Cross nodded and walked off. Lyons could feel his old body aching. For now, he decided to go and rest...