Force Traditions
  • Way of the Iron Claw
    • Preferred by Wilder's with a proclivity for up close violence, the way of the Iron claw is a tradition of force enhancement of imbuement on one's own body. Combined with shifters of the flesh, the way of the iron claw can create true berserkers on the battlefield. Concentrating the force into their extremities such as hands, feet, or even tails, followers of the iron claw can give their attacks power enough to punch through armor, or for the most experienced practitioners, deflect weapons such as lightsabers.
  • Way of the Whispering Wilds
    • Often used by scouts and spies, the way of the Whispering Wilds focuses a Widler's attunement with nature by allowing them to tap into the spirits of nature around them. Whether its asking a single insect what it has seen, or touching a tree to find out who has passed over its roots, followers of the Whispering Wilds are masters of tracking and gaining information in the thick of nature, listening to whatever information it has to give. The foremost masters of the Whispering Wilds are capable of touching a single tree and telling exactly what is happening in the forest it belongs to.
  • Way of the Shifter
    • Separated into Multiple paths, the Way of the ShIfter is one of the most popular branches of the Wilder Traditions. Simply put, it is altering one's body through the force. This is usually done by channeling the spirit of a beast(much like the Dathomiri Ur-spirits), or altering ones own biological make up.
    • Path of the Beast
      • The Path of the Beast, despite its feral name, is often taken by those with a more spiritual connection. Followers of this path often take on the spirit of creatures that they have seen and bonded with, thus changing their body to that of the creature that they have seen. Whether its turning ones self into an insect to spy on an enemy, or becoming a massive beast to devour said enemy, this path offers one of the most versatile skills for any Wilder's Arsenal. Masters of this path, learn just how to take the form of a beast, but also how to use their other abilities while maintaining it.
    • Path of Flesh
      • Often times difficult and almost always painful, the path of the flesh is one of blood bodily alteration. Despite its name, the path of flesh, deals with all parts of the body, especially bone. Practitioners often use their skills to give themselves large appendages such as wings, or even dagger like protrusions as they charge into battle. Often combined with the way of the iron claw, the path of Flesh is a terrifying sight, used most often by only the most devout of Wilders due to its practice often ripping through flesh. While the pain can be lessened or even extinguished with concentration, such practices take time and care usually not seen on the battlefield. Masters of the Path of Flesh have been known to drastically alter their bodies with little to no pain due to their constant practice.
  • Way of Blood
  • Way of the Trees
  • Way of the Tamer
  • Feral Rage
    • Seen by mainstream force users as a certain use of the dark side, Feral Rage is the embodiment of a wilder's anger and lust for battle. It strengthens the body and shuts down pain, allowing the wilder to turn their body into a weapon of destruction. While this ability often removes ones ability to think during its use, Feral Rage has been known to save Wilders from terrible situations. Essentially, Feral Rage is harnessing hysterical strength at will and amplifying it with the force.
  • Way of the Elements

  • Vitae
  • Verdant Voice
  • Shadow Path
  • Crimson Tide
  • Savage Hunter
Sect and Blight Wars
  • 1st Sect War
  • 2nd Sect War
  • 3rd Sect War
  • Dark Plague War
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