It was a quiet thing when Vulpesen retook control. There were no ceremonies, no rituals, no great inauguration. There was no need. He had ruled the planet for over half a century and had only been gone a couple of months. Then, his mission was complete. Veradune had been sent into the wider galaxy under the protective shield of the Galactic Alliance, the Wilders had reintroduced themselves to the jedi, the VSF now contracted its arms to the GADF, and the Armis Militia now held double enlistments and commissions between the planetary and the galactic governments

“It was fun while it lasted,” Vallen said as he lounged on the couch in the living room of the Torrevaso estate. In his hands, he held a simple ale, brewed from the Veran fields. During his father’s absence, he had taken control of a portion of the Valdeship, his eyes turning to the galaxy to direct missions and objectives as Veradune continued its everlasting hunt against the dark forces among the stars.

“That’s because you got to point and let the Excelsi do the hard work. I was stuck with the paperwork,” his sister growled with a barbed look. Even now, her hand felt sore from the signatures she had written on stacks upon stacks of paperwork. Legislations to veto or pass and projects to draft and approve. Daella had done her job well and with a dedication that spoke well of Veradunes future should her father decide to leave his position for good. While her brother had turned his eyes outwards, she had done her utmost to ensure that the internal affairs of the planet stayed in perfect order.

“Your brother did well, in keeping the military from collapsing,” Vulpesen said, cutting off the argument before it could start. His children were often of one mind on many subjects. But when royalty and ascension to the throne of Veradune was involved, their competitive streaks could span solar systems. Never mind that it was completely possible that another candidate would take the vote when the time came for him to step down. “And going forward, I’m sure both of you will have a lighter load when I’m out.” As he spoke, his hand flicked and scrawled over a sheet of paper and his eyes never left the project, even as he scolded the twins.

“You’re talking like you’re leaving again. You just took back your post,” Vallen noted, his golden eyes moving away from his sister to study his father’s face.

“I’ve still got work to do in the Galactic Alliance. Lucas and I will be heading back after I get this passed. Someone needs to keep an eye on the GA and monitor their situation with the mandos and these imperial incursions.”

“And what is it?” Daella’s voice dripped with curiosity as she moved to take a seat by her father, leaning over to peer over his shoulder. At a glance her eyes caught certain words in her quick skimming, words such as ‘power to act,’ ‘voice and hand of the valde,’ and ‘power to veto’

“The regency act. Don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t guarantee you the seat if I die or retire. And it doesn’t give you any power I can’t remove with a single word. I simply don’t feel like answering the com for every single inconvenience the council finds itself faced with.” With luck, the legislation in his hand would mean an end to nights spent hunched over a datapad, signing and approving the same papers that Daella had spent the last two months working on. “It’ll give you the power to speak and sign with my voice and hand on minor issues. Of course, anything regarding the planet’s security, whatever else the council deems to be a major issue will be forwarded to me.”

You’re being lazy,the pair spoke in unison, fixing Vulpesen with a twin glare.

“Of course I am,” he returned with a wide grin, finally looking up from the paper. “That’s the joy of kids. I put in the work to keep y’all alive this long. Then you turn around and make my life easier. Besides, this will help you when I actually retire. How many other candidates will be able to say they’ve already done the job?”

Daella and Vallen found that his logic, at least on his final point, couldn’t really be argued with.