Sith Temple: 843 ABY
As the man dropped to the ground, Tsolan let out a small sigh, though he did feel slightly invigorated. His hand reached for his comlink and he made the call to his servants, requesting that more slaves be brought to his quarters for practice in the art of force drain. All the while, his eyes, bright and glowing gold behind his mask stared into those of Lady Sawa Ike, resolute and confident. Of course, all that was simply an act.
Upon entering his room, Ace would sit on the end of his bed, fur dimmed by dyes as he watched the ‘sith lord’ stumble to the bathroom, doors being slammed and opened with waves of his hand as he travelled to the toilet. He barely had time to remove his mask before bile and the day’s previous meal rose up his throat to spew into the clean white bowl. His body shook and his vision swam as he heaved again and again. While unfamiliar with the zorren instinct and need to protect, he had still felt it as he took the slave’s life into his own. It sickened him. It stabbed at his heart like a knife, and even if the life was offered, to take it was something so wrong it felt like a gamorrean had punched him in the stomach. Another round of technicolor yawns and his back arched, placing his head only inches away from the putrid water below.
“Are you alright?” Ace’s ethereal voice popped into his head for only a moment, as if a friend had poked their head through the bathroom door… a door Vulpesen instantly slammed shut. Given the emotions and pain he was in, he figured Ace would want no part in any of his pain.
“Kark, this su-huuah!” His stomach clenched again, and claw like nails dug deep into the commode before him. Though, this time, the tension lasted for a few less seconds, hinting that he was nearing the end of it. His body shuddered as the pressure on his stomach released and his head went to rest on the edge of the bowl. “Why… Why the hell am I doing this?” He brought his fist down onto the floor beside him.
Even as he asked the question, he knew the answer. He needed to know what he was fighting. The sith had plagued the galaxy for millennia. They were an evil he had sworn to break and destroy. But the Republic had abandoned him. Used his vow wrongly, turned him into a grunt in their wars when he could have, SHOULD have done so much more. They had failed him. Now, he had to work by himself, learn the ways of the sith so that someday, he might turn against them and bring them to their knees… he just hoped that day came soon. But for now, he needed to clean his mouth, put his mask back on, and go back to his job.