So, before I start this bit, I should say that in no way is this indicative to a possibility of my leaving(at least I hope not) I've still got stories to write and people I really want to write with. Also keep in mind that during this entry, I may single out factions I've had interactions with. Are these guys the only problem? I highly doubt it, but its a problem that I and countless others have faced. Also, these earlier mentioned people are NOT the sole purpose of this thread. The problem is site wide.

Now, a bit of information any of you readers can easily find, is that I joined the site on December 8'th. It was around Christmas break, likely at its very beginning and from that very first day, I was hooked. I'd been addicted to star wars for a while, making it a point to show people my knowledge on it, and when I found something I didn't know, I rectified that by studying it until I knew every detail I could find. At one point, I went on a 6 year quest to find a book series I could only find in airports. So when i decided to search for an RP site, I found Chaos after a relatively easy search. Instantly, I was drawn into this new Galaxy. People everywhere who were on par, if not better than me in Star Wars knowledge. Now, it took some time for me to get used to the current state of the Galaxy. Jedi were once again part of the Republic. There were some new factions. And Jedi were a conglomeration of old and new Ideals. Still, I grew to love it all.

Over time, I ascended the ranks of the jedi on the one character I poured my heart and soul into with what meager forum based RP skills(I came from a chat RP background and had to adjust to the new form) I had developed. And along the way, I made friends and learned to have actual discussions on the expanded universe, even learned things I had never heard of(Veloks use of Spear of midnight Black in his last battle blew my mind.) Now, there were some people who seemed a bit OP... like Velok. But he died and normalcy returned. I realized some characters were hated by quite a few, Circe(Though I am one of those who don't have a problem with them). And there were people who were loved. I saw Diana, who I went on a few missions with... (Still sad you killed her off) But then, I learned something... Something that distinguished this site from others I'd been on.

Meta Gaming. A BIG problem.... My chat rp, I had a policy... I was ALWAYS Rping... very rarely were OOC and IC separated. Of course, an Real life discussions were kept out of it, but any character information was in the open. Why? Because there was no permanent documentation that people could scroll to. If someone knew what you said, its because someone told them... which made it IC. But here, that changed. OOC and IC were completely different worlds. I, of course, approved of this. This is RP... I dont want all my hard work of clever tricks foiled in an instant.... as a Jedi shadow I learned this when I tried to expose a sith in the Republic Senate... she proved how well her tracks were covered ad I abandoned the plan. Republic didn't hear so much as a peep of suspicion from me... Because Vulpesen the Character had NO way of knowing.

At the time, that was only a minor problem. At least, to me it was. My big problem then... was OOC politics which are STILL going on. I chose to be a shadow from the MOMENT I was knighted. I made it clear to the Republic I was at their disposal... even went on a shadow mission or two when such jobs were few and far between. Now, I thought I was doing fine. Council didn't seem to trust me, but more on that later. Now, as a shadow, I saw people join the ranks slowly, (I was one of VERY few shadows... maybe the only one when I started) and eventually, My colleagues joined me at that basic rank of normal guy in your division. Technically, I did have seniority. Awesome. And then something peculiar happened... Now, note taht I've nothing against this guy and I love him at least as a character. But Talon Vosra, had just stopped being a sith. I was there when he turned Jedi. Read it with my own eyes... I was high knight or master at the time... long time been a shadow. Then... about two weeks or so after he joined the Republic and declared himself a shadow. He became my boss. IC I was cool with it... Vulps was a loyal dog. But OOC, I admit I was more than a little peeved. Might have mentioned it a bit but it wasn't that big of a deal and I tried not to make such of it... until later. Something happened and Talons topped being my boss. Instead, I got someone new. This person... wasn't even a shadow... They were a jedi INVESTIGATOR! Granted, we were both sentinels... with similar jobs, but they were different. Investigators find bad things... like artifacts... they investigate. A shadow sneaks out to said found evil...and destroys it. Thats the difference... one finds, the other destroys with extreme prejudice. Now, I was PISSED I'd been in the position for a loong time now... and still i played second third or fourth fiddle to someone who wasn't even in my job! They took a person from dairy and put them in charge of my seafood section under the pretense of, "Both sections are cold."(since technically, both fell under sentinel class.) Still... I held my tongue... somewhat. I expressed my distaste for the action and was pushed aside.

Now through all this, I was still having fun... mostly. There was one big problem... the jedi weren't teaching me ANYTHING! Oh sure, I learned healing... and how to power stomp... but those were learned due to the situations and I didn't want to master either of them! I don't want to be a powerhouse... and healing? Please, any jedi worth half a saber should learn the basics of that. So... what was I given to defend myself? Sith could stand back and shock me all day long. How could I return fire since getting close only meant more lightning, only now directly in my face(I was also a sentinel and NOT a guardian so saber combat was kept for last resort)? The answer... Telekinesis... You know... that thing that literally EVERY force user in existence knows. I wasn't even taught it... I just learned it... because its THAT basic. I wanted Electric judgement... something that shocked adn put down the enemy with true offensive power. Now... back to paragraph two, remember this quote? "... when I found something I didn't know, I rectified that by studying it until I knew every detail I could find." Electric judgement was one of those things... I wondered how jedi in games could do lightning... so I looked it up. What I found Fascinated me. Electric judgement was a skill developed by Plo Koon and done without aggression and hated, but simply the will to protect. Because of this, it was seen as FAR les fatal of lightning, extremely likely to drop someone unconcious by sucking out energy and will power, but also far less likely to flat out kill. Perfect for a jedi like me. i did combat... every rank I earned I earned through war. Believe it or not, Vulpesen has INCREDIBLE battle experience... because since he joined the jedi its literally all he knows(still wondering why that's hard for people to grasp.) Nope... apparently Council nixed me at every turn... said nope nope nope... I asked why. Their answer, "You might hit a barrel or something and blow that up, thus indirectly killing people." HOLY KARKING GUNDARKS THAT DROVE ME INTO THE WALL! BARRELS! THAT WAS THEIR EXCUSE! I COULDN'T LEARN SOMETHING I EXPRESSED DESIRE FOR AS A WRITER SINCE DAY ONE BECAUSE I MIGHT HIT AN EXPLOSIVE WITH IT! Pissed was an understatement... and I know that I understated that to them... by that logic, I shouldn't be allowed a saber or even a blaster pistol. No... I was not happy. And one of the worst parts was... I still had to wait until I was master. And not a new master... Just before I had enough and left the jedi. I found Matsu Ike who's writer is a friend, and they taught me. The council already had it out for that character so, whats the worse they could do? They'd already stripped Matsu of force powers(she had recovered them by this time). Again... i had to wait til I was a long time master... to learn a skill... from a character who was kinda excommunicated by the council. That's just sad... especially since it was a very early concept and was supposed to be a key part of Vulpesen's character to have learned that. And that my friends... is why if I shoot a dagger at you in rp... and you deflect it like its nothing... expect me to hate you. Because that's literally all m character was trained to do to defend himself. Despite my wish to be a generalist, I was forced to master Telekesis at knight just to survive.

Now, I just said that this drove me to leave the Republic, or so it was implied... that's a lie. That was when I realized OOC leaking into meta was becoming a problem... Now, id been noticing it, but decided it hadn't affected me much, so I left it alone... then, while I was a sith(during which time, I had every intention of rejoining the Republic to give them a whole bunch of intel on the sith and prove myself to them) I saw corruption... True, unbridled Corruption. I'm not petty enough to give names. But I saw people in the republic moving around, gaining favoritism from the admin and using that to give their characters a boost. And then I realized... this quote I just said, "That was when I realized OOC leaking into meta was becoming a problem... Now, id been noticing it, but decided it hadn't affected me much," Was ALL WRONG! It shaped my every move. I refused to play the game and it bit me in the rear so hard, I was lucky to drop poodoo! It turned out, the council and all of the Republic's masters had bundled up with the people who didn't like me and then decided they didn't like me and this wouldn't give me crap! I severed ties immediately on this massive realization and left the Republic. And when I left their skype chat... I was given logs of what happened after... I was mortified... The person I didn't like in that room had curried up faor with the admin and when I saw their corruption they were all to ready to kick me out. But anyways, once this was done... the logs that were given to me... chilled me to the bone. The hatred that spewed out... i knew I had friends in there... I knew I had a few enemies... but hoooly crap. No wonder I was denied the teachings of the jedi and my time in service. Now, I'll end with the republic on this note... it took a LOOOONG while, but the corruption was realized, and removed(I just about danced in happiness when I heard... Actually, I think I did dance). Despite my slander against the faction, realize that this changed greatly for the better and while I think people should join my faction(for obvious reasons), I do suggest Republic as a palce for new writers and old to go. Its an amazing group now. Though, that experience with Meta has left me out of joining them in the foreseeable future... the wound is gone... that Scar remains with me.

Now, the sith... I don't want to go too far into that. Anyone who knows me knows my opinion of that group...we'll say for the sake of brevity and civility, that its not a good one. But my time with them finally came to a close and I skedaddled to make my dream of recreating my favorite faction, The Tenevi Order(Now the Vitae Alliance) Which had actually been my plan since I realized the Pubs and I didn't see eye to eye.... Far as I was concerned at the time, they could see me eye to hind end.

But now... now I'm wiser. I see it everywhere. Jedi Shadows are supposed to be extremely paranoid about the darkside(I was an IC exception... I liked being an oddball), and now I'm that way with Meta gamin. There's little things... like knowing where an IC buddy lives. Or maybe you anticipated a bullet that was aimed right for your brain(since ya don't want you're character to die).But then, there's different things... Thingss like people trying to find a lost planet without any effort, just to BLOW IT UP because they don't like a person. DARTH HAUNTRASS, I cannot thank you enough for using you're head on that one. You will always have my respect and gratitude for actually using that thing inside your skull, which is not to suggest you're prone to doing otherwise... just that others are.

Anyways, Metagaming as I've seen has grown exponentially since I joined... Maybe I joined in the Christmas Spirit... But the fun is leaving... I usually hate this phrase, but its just a game. Don't ruin someone's characters and stories because you want to be a dick. Because believe it or not, THIS IS A GAME! Football, Soccer, Baseball, Air hockey, hockey, capture the flag, Simon Says, Tag, EVEN SOLITAIRE OF THE SAKE OF THE STARS! They've al got one thing in common... Rules. They all have rules. The "Its just a game" excuse is poodoo when you break the rules of the game... because without rules... its not a game. And the fun dies out. I want the fun back. i want to laugh and joke with people. I want to write amazing stories with factions but I'm so worried I'll only get bent over and booted to the wall. Now, I adopt a policy similar to a 5th year old is told to treat social media. Only speak to people you know and hold the hand of a trusted adult. Its pathetic I find myself reduced to this! PLEASE CHAOS, WAKE UP! End this damned corruption and Admin and judges, start to realize, just because you like a person, doesn't mean you should favor him. And before you start, don't. I see it even now. Recent times have revived an old fear of mine... the fear of admin. Every site I went to, I would find myself occasionally banned(once for a joke with a friend about said friend who laughed at said joke even years later). Meanwhile, another person could break a far greater rule in a transgression against me. And he wouldn't even get a slap on the hand... gave me a fear of admin... to this day i'm incredibly reluctant to use authority to solve my problems. Because even now, I fear(and rightfully so in light of recent events) I'll be told to accept the fact that for the time I'm shafted and that I should just learn to ignore that person in the future.

What happens when that person is at an important objective in an invasion... an objective I am alone in defending? What about when that person launches a campaign to destroy my faction, my character, or even my critically endangered species out of spite? What happens when that person sends characters my way and invades my planets? The rules state I can't ignore it... so Admin and judges... don't tell me to ignore it... don't tell me to do what you're trying to do. I'm done fearing. I want to RP. The answer is simple... someone requests to not have a specific judge... or things a judge might be biased... remove them. Don't ask questions. Don't defend them at that time, do that later. In that moment just give another judge. Its easy and simple... and Its time you realize those words of leadership and responsibility we hear so often its almost cliche... you judges and admin... are tasked to serve us of the community. You have my respect(most of you anyways). But you need to find a way to remove that fear as well... Because I am not alone with it. Nothing I've said is done with any doubt that my opinions on the matter are alone, or even uncommon.

Please, return the fun. OOC should only affect a thread by PLANNING IT WITH COOPERATION. No more bull crapping locations or secrets. If a person worked hard for something, you work hard for it to. Why? Because believe it or not... its in the rules. Again, whats a game without rules. Now, at this point, some of you are scouring the site rules.... let me make it easy on you.

Rule 4: Respect other writers.

That's all it takes. Now please... lets restore this site to what I remember. A place of wonder when stories came alive. A place I'm proud to be a member of. i know we can't kill Metagaming... but lets at least put it on house arrest. At least when I was in the corrupted republic... I didn't fear for the safety of any of my characters... I only feared for their knowledge... which compared to now... isn't so bad.

I love Chaos. Keep it safe, keep it to the people of the community and not the politics of influential people.