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Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing
SIA-C construction exoskeleton
Assassin Wrist Lightsaber
Quadtech Armor v1
Advanced Power Armor Mk IF
Cone-Arc Gun
Dicobaltyne Jezzail Pistol
Fighter-Sized Lightning Gun
SIA-C 2.0
Corsin-class escort corvette
Angel-class Interceptor
Corusca-class picket carrier
Reclaimer-class repair ship
Wasp-class heavy cruiser
Adara-class corvette
Corusca II-class picket carrier
Judicial-class Prison Frigate
Infernus-class Heavy Cruiser
Anubis-type Heavy Cruiser
Gypsy-class Electronic Shuttle
Solace-class Starfighter
MBPB Shard-class Pod
Aeron-class Medium Bomber
Exalt-class Elite Fighter
Tyderium-class Hyperspace Tug
Archer-class Gunship
Droid Ships and Stations
Guardian-class Sentry Gun
Land-Based Combat Systems
Mirari Bodyguard Droid
Ke-Ni Snuggle Buddy
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Subs for the Sith
Subs for the First Order
Subs for the Krath/ICO
Subs for the Open Market
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Subs to be made:
  • Shock Drum Vibromine
  • Hapan Battle Dragon
  • Miy'til Fighter
  • Assault Gunboat
  • Floating Fortress
  • Chariot
  • K4-I Buzzer Droid
  • I-11 Probe Droid
  • CY-M Bodyguard Droid
  • Juggernaut War Droid
  • Rampant II-class Assault Monitor
  • Invictus R-class Star Destroyer
  • Avarice R-class Star Destroyer
  • Much much more(look over saved links)