The following infopacket details changes, modifications, and enhancements made to the world of Ord Mantell and the Bright Jewel system it resides in by Onrai, the assigned ruler of the planet.

The following space stations in the Bright Jewel system have been refurbished and reactivated for use by Imperial garrisons throughout the system:
  • Alliance Station (converted to system fleet support and logistics base)
  • H-5 70 Mining Facility (used as hub for long-range mining of rare gases and Corusca gems in gas giant atmospheres)
  • Nova Orion Station (converted to R&D facility for midlithe crystal refinement to energy crystals)
  • Ord Mantell Orbital Station (restored for orbital garrison support, including support of Imperial navy fleet assets in-system)
  • Station Gamma (restored to R&D work on molecular furnaces, secondary tibanna spin-sealing)
  • Tansarii Point Station (returned to orbital habitat and leisure for system residents and tourists alike)
  • Vizsla Keep 09 (restored and used as private hideout for Onrai should the need arise)
The following space stations were reconstructed:
  • Salient Trinity (rebuilt for use as fighter and small warship bases)
  • Jubilee Wheel (rebuilt as a multipurpose station with leisure, shopping, entertainment, etc)
System Operations
  • The Lurid Aurora and Sanguinus Veil Nebulas have been seeded with space beldons, whose waste tibanna is mined and transferred to Station Gamma for spin-sealing, conversion to hyperdrive coolant, or refinement to TibannaX.
  • Mining operations have recommenced in the Masul'ivis Asteroid Belt, using space-based portable molecular furnaces transported by tugs to directly refine and process ore and waste into viable ingots of important metals and minerals.
  • Mining operations have been initiated in orbit of Su Exposs, Quatin, and Hota, leading back to the H-5 70 Mining Facility. Various gases are mined from the planets' atmospheres and orbital gem-diving operations have been planted to mine for Corusca gems and dust using automated collectors based off the Submersible Mining Environment design, layered with thicker molecularly bonded armor to resist damage from shards. All collectors are bound to mining platforms with energy tethers. Dust and gems are gathered, sorted by size and grade, then transported to H-5 70 for analysis. From there, the gems and dust are sent to Ord Mantell for sale by the planetary government.
  • The world of Cairns has been designated as off limits to all traffic, including Imperial naval ships without explicit authorization. Analysis and storage of arcane tomes is located here, including data taken from the computer cores of the Imperialis.
  • The surface of Repta has been covered in massive Solar power generators fabricated using molecular furnaces and the waste products of asteroid mining, providing a near limitless supply of power for the system. Energy from Repta is used to fill power cells for a variety of different uses.
  • Quantxi is mostly cleaned up courtesy of aggressive use of molecular furnaces and salvage teams. The communications tower on the moon is used to monitor and relay comms traffic within the system.
  • Phelbos' rings have become filled with mining operations based around tugged molecular furnaces.
Planetary Operations
  • Savrips have begun being educated and uplifted as a species, being used for paid manual labor and non-complex work for the period of their uplifting. On conclusion, they are allowed to continue working or pursue their own path in life.
  • Samples of flutterplumes, Gapillian grazers, Irling, and Razoronn have been taken to Otherspace for rapid breeding. Other samples have been sent to Tython for use as a basis in alchemical experiments should any desire to pursue such a path.
  • The former 8th Sector Army barracks have been refurbished and put to use by a large detachment of the Darktrooper Corps. Darktroopers, Radtroopers, and Bloodtroopers can be found there.
  • The fleet support base, abandoned and left to rot, has been returned to working order and assists with support of the system fleet and passing Imperial fleet assets.
  • The planetary storage facility is used for resources stockpiling and storage, to ensure a significant supply of goods remain available should the system be blockaded despite its otherwise export-based nature. The storage facility has been reinforced and dug in to ensure minimal risk of enemy attacks destroying it or the supplies within.
  • The planetary mining tunnels have been reactivated and are used to mine various common metals and minerals.
  • The junkyard once visited by the Bad Batch has been cleared of scrap courtesy of molecular furnaces and converted to agricultural and industrial use.
  • Freelonn features casinos and resorts intended for the upper class tourist, including the Chance Cube.
  • Savroia features casinos and resorts intended for the middle class tourist, including the Throw Me a Bone and Lucky Detooa's.
  • Ord Mantell City has been restored to its original position as the world's capital. Low, mid, and high-tier gaming and entertainment can be found here. The old Black Sun stronghold has been turned into a Darktrooper garrison post.
  • The Old City has been mostly restored and returned to habitability. Some structures and facilities have been turned into archaeological attractions as ruins, and the city is mostly populated by resettled individuals rather than people who have chosen to live there.
  • Worlport remains the world's entertainment capital. The former Government House has been converted into a museum celebrating Mantellian history.
  • Great Rock has been resettled and mostly populated as an agricultural settlement.
  • Trader's Quarter has become the home of most off-world trade deals conducted between the planetary government, local-based companies, and other Imperial and pangalactic entities.
  • The island of Avilatan has been mostly demilitarized with a token garrison and converted into a tourist resort, where vacationers can witness the lava pools and volcanoes.
  • The Casino District is a multi-level entertainment area with high, medium, and low-stakes gambling in every possible form.
  • Planetary banking is handled by the First Galactic Bank of Ord Mantell, which handles both government and private funds.
  • Nobody's Inn still exists as a tourist trap.
  • The Scraplands have been almost entirely cleared up. A small portion has been preserved for tourist purposes, but the environment has been radically restructured courtesy of molecular furnaces, the drainage of acid lakes, and aggressive recycling of the planet's trash. The ancient, armored hovertrain system used for transportation has been fully restored to working order and all lines are operational again. Much of the land has been taken up by either significant agricultural operations or factories to make use of the resources picked up by the molecular furnaces. Abandoned shipyards in the Scraplands have been restored to working order by DCMM and provide starship and starfighter overhaul, manufacture, and repair services on all levels, from fighter to battlecruiser and in theory dreadnought.
  • The planet's atmosphere has been heavily filtered through terraforming techniques. Much of the world's smog and carbon dioxide has been consumed by either the furnaces or the fields of agricultural crops, making the planet fully habitable without wearing a breath mask for the first time in many years.
  • Crime syndicates have been eradicated aggressively courtesy of the Darktrooper Corps. Planetary safety is at an all-time high.
  • The remains of IG-88D were recovered and analyzed for potential future use, as well as the wreckage of his IG-2000.
  • Fossil fuel use at power plants has been banned and replaced by far more efficient planetary power sources. Gas and open-fire cooking is still allowed. Burn pits for trash have also been made illegal and have been replaced with molecular furnaces. Coal mines are primarily used to produce synthetic lubricants through coal-to-liquid refinement.
  • Moisture vaporators are used to collect additional water supplies.
  • Courtesy of the molecular furnaces as well as excessive industrial and agricultural growth, Ord Mantell is fully autarkal, with no need for external imports, though the world does have imports of exotic goods and other resources. The planet and greater system are both a gross and net exporter of common refined metals and minerals, corusca dust and gems of smaller grades, foodstuffs, spin-sealed and non-spin-sealed tibanna, power cells, and manufactured goods.
  • The treasonous NIO remnants who attacked Imperial forces that came to negotiate in good faith have been killed, their possessions claimed as sacrifices to the government, and their flesh, bones, and blood rendered into fertilizer for the fields. Such is the fate for all who commit crimes worthy of death on Ord Mantell.
  • All casino games and tables have the percentage of house edge stated prominently on them, either via hologram or via a plaque.
To be updated should any new relevant info come to light.