After the success with the Vigilant AI, Corruck found there was need of a polar opposite of Vigilant to accomplish the immediate portion of his plan. Vigilant was built for the future that Corruck hoped to impart; Ultimatum was the AI for the present. Its life would be far more dangerous and therefore would require more strength, cunning, and overall sternness than the compassionate friendly Vigilant. To lead a war one had to be tough and unforgiving.


The scientists have been so forgiving, they were fine with being immediately put to use after the Vigilant success. They were willing to replicate Vigilant’s basic concept and making various changes. Some of which are quite massive. For one, they are beginning what I have come to call the Parasite Initiative. In this program the Ultimatum would connect with other droids and begin to replace the droid’s programs with the Ultimatum, basically making another droid under its command. All it required to do that was wireless connection with the droid in question and it could take control. That droid would then be capable of becoming the ‘main’ Ultimatum in the case of one being destroyed.

It is quite an ingenious design; unfortunately he doesn’t affect hard wired droids and those with heavy security measures, but things like astromechs, cleaning droids, and most combat droids can be taken over. The process takes about five minutes in a pre-programmed droids, whereas a droid that has no programming yet can be taken control of in about a minute or faster if Ultimatum uses a terminal connection.


While the idea of simply recreating a program within droids to take command is a fairly easy plan, it requires more work than anticipated. As it turned out, the droids would need to be programmed with one center command AI, whether it be a computer or a leader droid. It used a concept similar to the battle droids of the Clone Wars era. There came a point where some difficulty was found in making a central command AI because the fear was that if it were destroyed then the other units would simply go offline, making the entire plan fall apart.

The original intent was to have the central AI placed within the HoloNet, removing a direct threat the AI. The problem though was that it couldn’t send out commands without leaving a trace that then could be followed and probably the AI would be removed. To negate this it could be possible to simply build a central command droid with the AI installed. The problem with that would be that no matter how well protected that central droid was, it would become a target and it could be possible for it to be destroyed, once more making the entire plan a failure. Instead, the scientists were able to construct a hybrid of sorts. The placed a program within the first droid, that would be replicated in all others, that allowed the leadership of the droid to be total over all the future droids. There would be the hidden portion within the HoloNet so that the AI could not be completely destroyed, but the leadership would come from a singular droid that was not broadcasting through the HoloNet. All the droid would obey the first, but if the first were destroyed then the program would randomly pick another of the converted droids and make it the leader. The AI replicates itself so that there is no fear of loss of memory or learning, it just moves bodies.


Now, now those scientists have topped anything I could have asked. Truly an inspiring achievement. They spent a few weeks devoting the entirety of their research to creating this perfect answer. The AI is now programmed to set new commanders upon the death of one. They haven’t explained it perfectly clear to me, but from what I understand the program has a tiny connection through the HoloNet that can reach a droid in almost any place. I asked about the possibility of it being tracked, however they assured me that the program command was so small and that there was so much traffic within the HoloNet that the likelihood of such happening was small.

Apparently, they told me that as an addition to that first program command that when a command is given, the command droid can order all the other droids via HoloNet, across the entire galaxy. They did tell me that such a maneuver would cause a very large and easily discovered message to be sent through the entire HoloNet. They also told me that the droid doesn’t really take command so much as it updates all the controlled droids with the commander’s current goals and commands. The signal then finishes and the individual droids will continue as they believe correct.


The scientists worked very hard and long to make this AI very secure and effective. The programs they attempted to make were revolutionary for what they were trying to achieve. The Ultimatum was now capable of controlling droids and then those droids would act as if they were an Ultimatum, using the AI that they were initially installed with via the Parasite Initiative to work towards the goals at that time. It could update all the droids across the galaxy using the HoloNet however that would be traceable and make the commander Ultimatum easier to locate as well as the majority of the droids that were controlled. All this was on top of the Vigilant’s ability to hide itself within the HoloNet, which the Ultimatum was capable of accomplishing.

That wasn’t enough though. It was too overt for what Corruck had in mind. He wanted one hidden weapon to be added to the abilities. Not necessarily a weapon so much as a less obvious tactic. Corruck named this program the Concealed Zealots. This program would, once finished, allow the commander Ultimatum to accomplish a similar feat as with the Parasite Initiative. It would copy its current AI programs and store them within the droid; however the AI would not immediately override the droid’s original programs. Instead, the AI would be stored inside a backup set to wait for one command that would activate the program, taking over the droid and making it into an Ultimatum controlled unit.

The problem that arose with this program was that the droid would not be updated by a HoloNet command unlike the rest of the normal Ultimatums. Also, if the droid had a memory wipe with the backup then the hidden AI would be removed; this would not happen if the AI had been activated. In addition, the Ultimatum AI could not take over a droid that was in a complete shutdown, compared to a sleep mode droid.


Goodness, these scientists continue to amaze. Months of work and they still get up in the morning with the same vigor as day one. They put their all in and make such amazing progress. It is truly inspiring and I hope that many others will come to use these men and women as role models for whatever they do. I can’t tell anyone yet of what they have done. Ultimatum is too important, it has to be finished before I can even tell the Rebels of this.

Anyways, they were able to manufacture the program I requested, Concealed Zealots. A little theatrical I guess, but then that is what stirs the spirit. It isn’t mundane names that capture the people, it’s those words that sound strange and unusual that captivates peoples’ hearts and minds. Eh, get back to subject. The program as they have explained it, basically copies the AI at the moment the Ultimatum connected and places the commands into the empty space within a droid’s memory, normally the space placed for the backup. They told me that most droids these days have lots of extra memory so that the droid can have extra features, commands, and store up knowledge. The droids are supposedly not supposed to copy over information that is already there, so when the AI program is put in place the droid will believe that it is simply data that has been stored and will not overwrite the information.

As a final touch, the AI has been programmed to see Vigilant as an enemy, but one that must not be destroyed yet. Once I give the command, Ultimatum will attempt to destroy Vigilant, which will, I hope, cause the Vigilant to try and find a way to stop Ultimatum. Ultimatum will bring war and devastate the galaxy, he will take control of my plans, build on them with his own goals and the Force users will be destroyed in the end, I again hope.

Ultimatum will be given complete ability to add to his base programs, giving him basically complete control over himself. He might become a truly fearsome AI, maybe making some unwise decisions such as claiming that all organic sentients must die. I doubt it, that is merely a flight of fancy. He will begin a war, he will become a feared and hated creation and that will drive him only further. He will be the more human AI between himself and Vigilant.


After the creation of the AI itself, the scientists went about creating a suitable body. There was a question of whether a relatively unique AI be made where the AI be capable of being outside of any physical container. Corruck decided against it, he found it too conspicuous and unnecessary. Some of the younger scientists were upset with the decision, however their more professional colleagues were able to hold them in line. The droid body they created was made to be open for minor upgrades and adjustments, Corruck expected Ultimatum to eventually create another more suitable body once activated.

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