System Online


Memory- 85% capacity
Power- 97% capacity
Text Recorder- Active
Encryption- Disabled


Beginning text Playback


This is probably going to be the first of many entries to come. I have decided to put my current situation and thoughts on this datapad to remind myself what I am working towards... and to make sure that my memory will not be forgotten if the end does come.

I would like to start by apologizing, to myself and anyone who finds this in the future. These entries may become erratic and there may be large gaps of time in between entries. The name of this entry would be better suited for a later addition, however at this time I would like to simply leave it as is to allow my mind to remember next time.

Now, I'll start this with a general establishment of situation. At the moment, I am on the Recalcitrant in my room and entering this with Norgorth my loyal Vornskr at my side. We are currently preparing for the next jump to lightspeed that will bring us to the Rebel fleet, or a small portion of it at least. I unfortunately, cannot disclose the exact location due to the security or lack thereof.

My plans are going ahead as predicted. My ship, Destiny, is currently still hidden underneath Lorath. He's hardly a good captain, but he knows his away around the Outer Rim and how to keep himself discreet. I had a hard enough time finding him, but his little gang were not quite as subtle as they should have been. It was an accident actually, I just happened to be on the planet taking a break from the Rebels, and enjoying the planet's (exact location again I cannot disclose) attractions. One his gang tried to steal some credits off me. Sadly for him, he used a standard tactic and his first greeting had me certain that he was dangerous.

Enough about that though, I feel a need to get things off my chest. Maybe someday I'll be able to put these out into the galaxy for all to read. Maybe they'll inspire people to see the truth, if only a few. That is what I would like, if nothing else.

Now the true reason, it has come to my attention that my intentions for this new ship (the Destiny) are somewhat blurred by my own consciousness. I cannot perfectly explain my mind, or give reasons enough. I doubt that I could speak as eloquently as my mind thinks on these. I want to free the galaxy from its largest oppressor: the Force.

Throughout my time in this galaxy I have come to a conclusion that there are two possibilities in regards to the Force.

One: That the Jedi and Sith are both wrong and that the Force is a single mystical being(?) with no dark or light side.

Two: That the Force is very one sided, insofar as it is more heavily set towards the light side rather than the dark.

My reasons for these conclusions are that the Force does not seem to have a will such that it fights against those who go against its will, as the Jedi and Sith claim. As of yet, I have found no piece of evidence that proves conclusively that it has a will. As far as I have found, Jedi and Sith both claim that the Force wishes their survival above their counterpart. This leaves a quandary, especially when both sides claim that the other is wrong. At best, only one of them is right, however I believe that both are wrong and that the Force is just that, a force. It has neither will nor intelligence. It is simply a 'magical' field that those who are born gifted have access to.

The fact that only a certain elite have access to it means that those elect few are now considerably stronger than just about every other person in the galaxy, excluding other Force users. While a person with little to no connection to the Force can kill a Force user, it is very difficult and requires a lot more work. This means that those who command the Force have the ability to command their weaker, and therefore 'lesser', kin. This single thought is the basis of the Sith. Now the Sith are evil and the Jedi are good, I will not dispute the fact nor will I defend it. I am in the firm belief that that is the truth behind this. However, the Jedi are just as much the cause for the oppression in the galaxy as the Sith are, if not to a more... hidden way.

I'll try to further explain in my next entry... Norgorth is getting hungry and I believe I am needed on the bridge.


End Playback


Command: Encrypt


Encryption Complete


Logging Off
Powering Down