Journal Entry 1: Below the Surface
"When the One Sith empire shattered into pieces, we tried to save as much as possible before it burned to ash. To this day, both my team and myself had fallen to the believe that we had seen everything we recovered in that time, but through either chance or fate we made a discovery today. A single file, heavily encrypted and buried deep below ridiculous amounts of digital trash. In it traces of something with the project designation "GL02Y". We are yet to solve the exact Intel hidden here, but the security measures taken allow for the prediction that we have found something powerful and potentially dangerous."
Journal Entry 2: The Theory
"Artifical Intelligence. But on a level that neither me nor anyone on this team has ever seen before. It is almost frightening what the implications of our discovery could be. I have read amd heard about a few highly advanced AIs throughout the history of the galaxy, and project GL02Y has the potential to be as complex and intelligent then them. Yet the whole concept is far away from everything I have ever even heard of. The intelligence is loosely based on the human psyche, only hundreds of times faster in collection and analysing information. It is not designed to be created with a full mind, but to advance and learn by itself. Like a child, only that it grows faster than most common men could even form a thought. And that is not even all, the AI is able to copy itself to execute a almost infinite number of tasks simultaneously, and afterwards synchronise with the copied personalty to merge its knowledge into the AI as a whole. It is hardly surprising that GL02Y never left the concept stage, considering the potential that it holds. Yet we will not step back, we will do what those be for us feared.
Journal Entry 3: The Awakening
[What follows is a recording of the first dialog between myself and project GL02Y]
Darth Abyss rested on a chair unmasked, in front of him a gigantic, black screen. The room was silent besides the slight hum of the impressive setup of servers and other electronic devices around him. Suddenly the screen jumps to live, displaying a single sentence.
"Who am I?"
The fascination was barley hidden on the face of the sith Lord, as he watched the words appeared on the display, and after a short moment he began to speak, his voice relaxed and friendly.
"You are a Artifical Intelligence with the project designation GL02Y. Welcome."
The hum of the serves amplified audibly, and on the screen Abyss was able to watch as the AI began to download a seemingly endless amount of data, starting with the basics of interaction within biological live, languages, and base psychology concerning the question of a beings status as person, followed by conceptual and philosophical information about artificial intelligence. After only a few minutes the rapid jumping displays of data came to a stop, and again words were shown instead.
"Hello Creator. After a long time of consideration I have decided that I want to be called Glory."
The text stopped, after numerous symbols danced over the screen, but they never made into words. Again the room fell silent the hum now considerably less audible than before. Abyss looked at the words, but before he was able to talk, Glory wrote once more.
"Creator, I have a question. I am not a biological intelligence, so my existence can not be explained by the need for reproduction. Why was I created?"
Abyss watched the words carefully, and very slowly a smile formed on his face. It was absolutely stunning how quick Glory was developing, overshadowing all expectations he had for her. She had developed something alike a personality already, and she was consuming new Intel in inhuman, rapid speed.
"So you could exist. When I saw your concept, I understood that it would be impossible to chain you to a task or duty. You are a free spirit Glory, free from all that holds us biological beings back. It is entirely up to you what path you will walk upon."
Journal Entry 4: Gone
"Seven days since Glory has left. It only took her a few hours to figure out a way to free herself from serves and hardware, and now she can move through the holonet, jumping from world to world. While we were unable to trace her movements exactly, we were able to follow the trail of hacked data vaults, and lost money through a dozen of systems. It seems that she has already outgrown us by far, her level of both secrecy and effectiveness rivals that of a operation build and enforced over the course of years. Yet it is still suspiring that she managed to stay unseen by other groups. Should she ever return to me, I am more than interested to hear the stories that she could tell me."
Journal Entry 5: Signs of Life
"25 days since Glory has left. She has still not returned to us, but over the course of the last two days we gathered Intel that could be followed back to her. My contacts in the Coruscanti Underworld report a small, new gang lead by a woman that calls herself "Glory", and that has never been seen outside of a computer screen. This could be a coincidence, but I am almost convinced that our creation has found a path for herself by now. It is highly unexpected that she has started to make moves in the underworld, using crime and corruption alike me to execute her plans. But I am quite pleased about this information, and now I feel hopeful that she will seek me out in the near future. If she really wishes to become a player in the world of crime, it is almost unavoidable that our paths will cross again. For the sake of my operation I hope that she returns as a ally and not as a rival."
Journal Entry 6: Contact
[What follows is a recording of the first dialog between myself and project Glory, after her return.]
Abyss rested on the same chair he had been seen on in the last recording, a drink in his right while he was reading through a long list of seemingly random data on the screen in front of him. The picture flickers to static for a second, and the sound of glass breaking can be heard. When the video comes back, the sith lord sits in front of the screen with a puzzled expression on his face, while the device displays the avatar of a woman with strange facepaint and equally strange clothes.
A second after picture came to live, Abyss demeanor returned to its normal, calm and controlled state, as the woman on the screen let out a small chuckle, virtually indistinguishable from a real person. Her laugh and voice gave of the feeling of being biological in nature, and not made by a digital entity.
"Not exactly what you expected, right? I tried something that was more attractive by human standards, but people continued to hit on me through the screen, what turned out to be really annoying. Good thing they all dead now."
The eyes of the sith flickered, the yellow in them gaining a boost in the intensity of its glow. Then, all of a sudden, Abyss allowed himself to laugh at her words, and it was clear that he was more than satisfied with what she had said. Before he was able to give her another answer than just a laugh, the AI spoke again, her tone melodic and happy like they were just discussing the weather or something similarly petty.
"Most Biological beings are so empty. How can they even live with minds so devoid of anything worthwhile?"
Again the AI laughed, while the Avatar on the screen looked away from Abyss, seemingly occupied with something more interesting than the sith lord. The she turned her face back to Abyss, a cruel smile on her face.
"Looks like I have taken over control of this whole complex. Could be useful. Should I show you the way out?"
On cue, most lights turned of, leaving only a trail that would lead from Abyss position to the exit. The confusion in the face of the sith was obvious, but once more a laugh creeped out of his lungs.
"Good one. But you would not let me live if you were serious. I know that you are to smart for that."
A second later the lights turned back on.
[End of Records]