[The video feed is blurry and shaky, the dim light spend by a small electric lamp is barely enough to illuminate the woman in front of the camera, and only allows very small glimpses of the men, women and children gathered in the background. Her clothes are drenched in blood and dirt, her brown hair dirty and her eyes show a mix of anger and fear. With a trembling voice she forces herself to get the words out.]
"People of the Galaxy, my name is Shakti Sallaros, formerly citizen of the Alliance and currently a proud citizen of the Free Cities of Malachor. I don't know how much time there is, so please learn our story so it won't be forgotten when the empire comes to burn what little we have left"
[The woman takes a deep breath, her body shaking for a moment before standing straight. In the background a droid walks by, operating a small makeshift terminal linked to the camera. From the background a group of two walks behind the woman, using two small metal pipes to raise a flag behind her, the Black Flag of the Prophet.]
"A few months ago the Resurgent Empire came to our world, taking our freedom, our sovereignty, to make us slaves to them and their council. We did what we had to, we kept our heads low. Until a few days ago at least. Our dark guardian returned in our time of need. He ... It wanted us to rally against the empire, but without bloodshed. We were asked to remain civil, we were asked to prove that we are people and not cattle that they could push around and kill as they deemed right."
[Again the voice of the woman starts to tremble as she reached into her pocket, showing a datapad to the camera. On the small screen was the picture of a little girl. The woman takes another deep breath, wiping the handful tears of her face before continuing.]
"This ... This is my daughter, Alcina. She was killed by the empire once they decided that running and hiding from them was an act of war. Yet this .. This is not our story. It's the story of Malachor. At this moment soldiers of the empire advance through each of our cities. As much as it pains me Alcina ... Alcina is only one of many that we lost today. We're not asking you to join our fight, we only ask you to remember us."
[From the background the sound of blasters being fired, screams of pain and general chaos could be heard. The woman reaches for a rifle on the ground, while the children in the background make their way deeper into the cave. She offers a last look into the camera, before walking towards the sound of the fight.]
"They're here. Long life Malachor. Now and forever."
[Cut to static]