Gotcha. This isn't actually a rant about some of you using weird (and sometimes broken) german, because I can honestly appreciate the effort. Instead this will just be a simple list of cool german words with translation so you got a resource to build on the next time you're looking for a dark, edgy name:
Finsterwald - Dark Forrest ("Finster" being a more poetic version of "Dunkle")
Endzeit - End Time, or rathe something akin to apocalypse
Nachtschatten - Nightshade
Lichtblick - looking into the light, figuratively a glimpse of Hope
Todesliste - List of people to kill
Größenwahn - Megalomania
Weltschmerz - Something like Melancholy just even worse lol
Zeitgeist - Yeah I guess you stole that already anyway lol
Wellenbrecher - Wave breaker (I'm sure there is an English word for this I don't know), thing used at beaches (or concerts) to break up waves (or crowds lol)
Höllenschlund - The mouth to hell, or rather the gate to hell.
Schadenfreude - Feeling pleased with something bad happening to someone else (thanks to @The Major)
Yeah I'll leave it at that, in case there is an actual interest for this I will add some more. Also if you know cool german words throw them into the comments lol.
Edit: I think @Carlyle Rausgeber and his FO lads should probably take a look at this.