I don't normally write reviews. Normally.
Yet for once I feel the need to put my thoughts into words, even if it is just so I can let out some steam. First off, I know nothing about the universe around this movie, and I haven't seen or even known about the two movies linked to the Cloverfield Paradox until like four minutes ago. Neither did I knew anything about the strange publication history of this movie before watching it, but now I really wished that I had done some research beforehand. Maybe both of these things would've changed my opionion, if for better or worse we will never know.
This is totally not spoiler free, so if you haven't seen the movie and want to stop reading now (or not, because in my opinion it's not worth it at all).
I will begin with the good: The acting was good, at points even really, really good and I have to give credit to every actor who managed to pull this off despite the script they had to work with. Another strong point was the actual optic of the movie, which around the more wonky bits had some geniuntly well made and filmed moments which were the only reason why I even sat through the whole things