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*(Intro Music)* "I'm on a TKO radio, whoa-oh... A Correllian digital radio, whoa-oh...."
GOOOOOD MORROW TKO!!! and welcome to the best damn little big faction on the board!
*(Intro Music)* I'm gonna take your ship... Jorus said take your ships... I'm gonna take your ship...
That right we are back after a short break, bring you all the TKO love you need to survive the snares and pitfall of this crazy thing we call life. I'm you host, the Lord of linguistics, the high chief of mischief, the sultan of skulduggery, BB shouting loud and proud here in the outback. New before we get too far into this bevvy of awesome sause a word from out sponsor.

Arceneau Trade Company, if you need anything, and I mean karking anything check them out... seriously anything folks...


Alright now that we paid the bills time to get to the thrills. With all the trouble One Sith and the Republic have been having with their empires and all, the nice folks here in the outback have decided to help out and well, lighten their loads you may say. That's right for the next couple of weeks it is open season on large, metal craft. Space ships that is. So if you got two hands and an ich to liberate some heavy metal check us out here! Operation Sucker Punch! OOC


*(Intro Music)* Now with the news out of the way let's give a warm welcome to all our new members (in no particular order),
Alenia Rekali, Darth Prazutis, Gir Quee, Horus, Hylocereus, Kat'Lariah Syphex, Kytra Odran, Makai Dashiell, Spencer Varanin, Tabigarashu Madara, Taneas Haring, Victoria Treadway, Taran Holt, Skairus
Guys and gals, looking forward to writing with ya all so don't be a stranger on the threads ok!


If you read me much then are used to me talkin about our ongoing threads. Well, good news is we condensed that all down into one post, if you want to see where the party's at, check us out here!


Well from the position of the sun in the sky, I can see that it is almost time to go, but before I do just remember if any of you want a thread mentioned in our next post just shoot me a PM and we will get R done!
So till next time my friends, be awesome to everyone and always remember,TKO high school Huttball rules!​

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