Incoming transmission ***Bryce, we found them***
Bryce walked into on of the many infirmaries aboard ship and to a man looking sadly at his wife who lay motionless on the hospital bed before him. "We need to move her Foreman Kline, for someone..."
"Someone alive!" The foreman shouted.
"Yes, someone alive," Bryce replied.
There was a long anger filled silence before the foreman spoke again.
"You told me you would save them." He snarled.
"I promised we would do everything we could to save them, but her wounds were too great.."
"Not for you, I know what you are. The masters always talked about your kind and your healing ways. If you wanted her alive she would be. Is this my punishment? My discipline to teach me to obey my new masters. You take my wife from me, even the Sith were not so cruel." He said.
"I understand your pain but there is another who needs this bed, and I need for you to follow me now," Bryce commanded.
"Of course... Master." He replied in an obstinate tone.
Bryce did respond this time just waited for the man to stand up and pointed to the door. Instead of heading in the direction commanded the man walked straight up to Bryce and looked him in the eye.
"Station three will never bow to your kind as long as I lead them, you will have to kill us to the last man to claim it."
Pain had hardened the man's heart, whatever was left after the Sith had been driven out that is. Still, the young master had a duty to perform, people to save, and little time to suffer fools. So Bryce again said nothing only pointed to the exit. As the two left the infirmary the sadness only grew. Filling every hall were men, women, and children of all species huddled together around what meager possessions they had left. As the two walked passed the foremen's face only grew more stern as they passed many who had been slaves to the sith only a few weeks ago and now looked on him and his Sith uniform with hateful eyes. For minutes they walked like this in silence, till the reached the ships port hanger deck.
As they entered they were greeted with a chaotic scene. Transports carrying relief supplies flew past quick dropping supplies for the ships now overflowing population. Fighter craft flew in an out as well, docking up just long enough to re-fuel before blasting off again to try and maintain order in the lawless system. On top of that were the ambulance flights that carried the wounded and the informed to be treated in the ships already overtaxed facilities. It was through all this confusion Bryce pointed the man to an incoming transport as it touched down only a few meters from them.
Confusion filled the man's face till the transports main cargo ramp lowered and a small girl appeared from the dimly lit ship. Her blond hair was dusty as was her pink dress. Holding a tattered stuffed animal she looked around the bay till she locked eyes with the foreman. A sudden burst of joy filled her dirt-caked face as she yelled out "DADDY!" and ran to his arms.
Bryce watched before his tear-filled eyes as the Foreman dropped to his knees and with open arms embraced the little girl. In all this sadness it was these moments he needed to remember. These small pockets of joy that would keep him sane. As the foreman looked up from hugging his daughter he was about to speak when he noticed a boy of maybe twelve or so being helped off the transport by a Hapan Kitsune girl.
The man's struggled to catch his breath as the boy was lead over.
"Dad, I tried, mom wouldn't come in the shelter, she said there wasn't enough room. I kept Tracy save though just like you asked..."
The foreman leaped to his feet and with his daughter still in his arms hugged his son as well.
"I know you did boy, I know..."
Bryce quickly brushed the tears from his eyes before walking over to the reunited family before addressing the foreman.
"There are more Tracy's down there on Castimeer, more Paul's trying to save them. We need you to see reason Mr Kline, open your station and let in more refugees. You can see we have rations, clean water, and blankets to offer, but we need a place to keep them, off-world where they will be safe. Please accept our offer of help and help others as well."
He couldn't speak as first, only nodded in approval. Slow he came back from his emotional state and said, "OK, ok we will do as you ask."
As the joyful family was lead away Bryce walked over to his friend and said to @Kimiko.
"Nice work there, if you didn't pull through we were gonna lose station three. Now we got an ally, at least for the short term. Thank you for head back down there to look for them, I know with all the death it couldn't be easy. Have a rest and a warm shower if you need to. When you're ready to go, report to @Aerin Kath on Station 5, @Lok Minin to help salvage me up some more ships to house the refugees or me here on the Crimson Cross so we can tend to the wound and try to gain support with more of the orbital stations."