Castameer, Two weeks post Omega impact
While the threat to the Galaxy had been destroyed the victims of the Omega still suffered from it. Those who had built it with their blood, sweat and tears now suffered again, not from the whip of their taskmasters but from carriage their battle had left behind. The very planet they had raped and pillaged to construct their weapons of war now lay in ruin. The once icy world of Castameer was now a harsh world of fire and ash. Plains and contents of white gleaming ice were gone. With the world shattering impact of the Omega the very tectonic plates world had been shattered creating seas of red hot magma that now floated on the planet's surface like an angry red ocean.
The ice was evaporating and mixing with dust and chemicals which had been thrown into the lower atmosphere from the great impact creating an atmosphere filled with lung-destroying poisons which were polluting the once fresh air of the planet. Those not killed in the blast struggled to find a way off their dying world. Paying any price for a chance of survival off-world.
This is where we pick up our story. This is the tale of those who remain. Those who are victims of the disaster and those who heroicly, without any need of thanks or praise remain to try and help them. This tale will be told mostly through the eyes of TKO, but any who wish to join can do so by PM'ing @Bryce Bantam or any other of the faction admins. Those who love good story and the spirit of community are welcome to share in our's and one that will revolve around three main stories.
The first of which is...

The TKOS Crimson Cross
The center of TKO's relief efforts is the TKOS Crimson Cross donated to the faction by the Silver Sanctum own @Sor-Jan Xantha. The newly created hospital ship came into the outbacks possession during a time when it couldn't have been needed more. Operating some eighty thousand miles from their home territory it quickly became their base of operation. Pressed into immediate service the hospital super-carrier was almost instantly overrun with the wounded and displaced desperately looking for a safe place to survive as their world began to fall apart. Even though the ship was a massive three thousand meters long it soon couldn't hold the streams of humanity and other sentient life that fled from their dying world. With aid slow to arrive this left the outback and its' allies scrambling for answers.

The OSS Praetor
Both the orbital construction stations above Castimeer and the lunar yards also became overwhelmed from the massive influx of refugees and began closing their ports to any new people in need. Some of these interactions are even becoming violent as scared people are trying to enter without permission and being fired upon and killed by their unwelcoming hosts. To try to keep this planet-wide disaster from worsening the outback and its' allies did what the could with the limited resources on hand and took to salvaging the wreckage from the great battle to create makeshift housing for those who needed it.

Obital assembly yard 5

As if things were not bad enough yet another disaster was waiting in the wings. Orbital assembly yard five, the closest station to the omega when it impacted with the planet had been badly damaged in the ensuing explosion. Now in and ever degrading orbit of Castimeer it threatens to fall to the planet as well, adding not only to the death toll but also speeding up the planet's inevitable doom. The outback has sent a team of engineers to either try and save the station or at the very least convince those who live within it to evacuate.