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[background=*[/font][background=(Intro Music)[/font][background=* "I'm on a TKO radio, whoa-oh... A Correllian digital radio, whoa-oh...."[/font]
[background=Good morning, afternoon, or evening TKO! And well everyone in ORC. Welcome back to the best damn little big faction on the board! Blasting you the hotness from the cold of outer space! [/color]
[background=Mr Heartbeat here, spinning the wheels of steel, back to bring you the info gold you all long to have! I will be your narrator, your ear doctor, and you love slave of you will have me Joza... aaah I mean as we wander through the outer rim.[/size]


[background=*(Sounds to a typewriter typing) [/color]

[background=Fresh off the presses, Terminus still stands. Like a middle finger of hope to the galaxy ORC forces stood up not only the the fething Sharukan but a raid from the First order too! [/color][background=I mean come on people, really how much order does one planet really need. We got this now get going, shu![/size]


[background=Speaking of the Sharukan, seems their back to their old tricks. Reports have them massing near Kal'sheball. Crack reporter Noka na’doit is on the scene, Noka what you see out there?[/color]
[background=*(Explosions, blaster fire, screams)...[/color]
[background=Humm, he seems to be a little tied up, anyone with a blaster, light freighter, or some bacta, please report to [url=""]Yuuzhan’tar[/url] for more details.


SULLUST!!!!! YES folks, the not to thin Lizzies have the First in a state of flux and the Alliance in Exile is well, ending that whole exile thing. They are on the move, heading for the homeland. Time to join in on the fun!

[size=5]Well from the position of the sun in the sky, I can see that it is almost time to go, but before I do just remember if any of you want a thread mentioned in our next post just shoot me a PM and we will get R done!

[size=5]So till next time my friends, be awesome to everyone and always remember,TKO high school Huttball rules!

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