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*(Intro Music)* "I'm on a TKO radio, whoa-oh... A Correllian digital radio, whoa-oh...."
GOOOOOD MORROW TKO!!! and welcome to the major people!
*(Music)* "Put me in coach I'm ready to play, hey hey, look at me, I can be, center field..."

That's right, you're here reading the first formcast production of TKO Radio! I'm your host, the sultan of swat, the prince of participles, the doctor of love.... What, ok, ok Ria I'll get on with it. So I'm your host BB and the voice you didn't hear in the background is my lovely Producer Ria. Before we get to the meat of this thing a big shout out to our sponsor...

When you need good poodoo, nothing is smoother than silk....Silk holdings they pay us money...


Right, so with that out of the way let's give a warm welcome to all our new members (in no particular order),
Ula Kaddo, Songbird, Katelyn Feanor, Bexel, Saoirse Reyes, Aerin The Lost, Kimiko, Nikola Ticon, and Samael Rekali - WELCOME!!!!
Guys and gals, looking forward to writing with ya all so don't be a stranger on the threads ok!


All right up next is the thread report, all that is good and awesome piled into one place. Talk a look, pick a thread or five and have a blast.
*Eerie Flight [Faction RP TKO] - As oldie but a goodie, join our ragtag band for a bit of sith spawn fun! Currently, mystery and horror find the Underground, led by @Lok Munin they search an abandoned Sith One Star Destroyer for friends who may be stranded there.
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*The Shindig Job [Faction RP TKO] - Like dancing, drinking and well, taking out Q-fed agents? Then man do I have the party for you! Throw on your best outback entire and join in the fun!
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*And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place [Faction RP TKO] - Feeling adventurous, enjoy exploring, expanding and creating new lore, or just two mouths in a tin can with a vertically challenged undead Jedi master. Well then hope aboard the Alderaan Queen and join your host @Sor-Jan Xantha on a fun adventure with space commies and people who think using the force makes you a god!
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*The red shift mingle [Faction RP TKO] Well after a long hard day of saving the galaxy who doesn't need a drink and a little down time. So if you do jump on down to rebal actual, take a load off and remember to always tip your waitress @Kimiko
***Dominion of Kal'Shebbol [Faction Dom TKO] WOOOT, our first domination as a major people, need I say more, jump in already!
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It is epic man, inspiring stuff. It's like a cat poster with a kitten that says "Hang in there" you know.
Also I purposely left out any private events out members are doing so if you want to be added in to the next episode just drop me a PM and we'll find you a spot.
*** Next week will be the member of the month episode so stay tuned we got lots more on tap.
So till next time people, be awesome to everyone and always remember,TKO high school Huttball rules!​