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*(Intro Music)* "I'm on a TKO radio, whoa-oh... A Correllian digital radio, whoa-oh...."
GOOOOOD MORROW TKO!!! and welcome to the best damn little big faction on the board!

OH ya Freddy, sing it to me baby! Another V down for the good guys, way to go team. Hello again everyone, I'm your host, the Groom of goodlyness, the Lord of Linguistics, the Sultan of Synonoms .... That's right I'm your host BB and so proud to be crushing with all you good people. Now before we get to the heart of the matter a big shout out to our sponsor...

Looking for a breakneck speeder, Aerin's custom speeders and transports, they're killer man!


Right, so with that out of the way let's give a warm welcome to all our new members (in no particular order),
Ulysses, Triam Akovin, Jiduveda, Kuulhagar, Malia Afredane, Tskolo Ree, Ciel Bridger, Dango Fess, Darron Wraith, Fatty, Ghul Varad, Iona Hock, Pauul Farrlo, Pollux, Rach Tarvus, The Harbinger,
Guys and gals, looking forward to writing with ya all so don't be a stranger on the threads ok!


*(Intro Music)* Closing time, one last call for good old thread that are at an end. Closing time, every new story comes from some other stories end...
Yes it is a sad time again, saying so long to some good old threads so...
*Eerie Flight
*The Shindig Job
*And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
So long old friends, been fun. *fights back the tears...*

All right up next is the thread report, all that is good and awesome piled into one place. Talk a look, pick a thread or five and have a blast.
*The red shift mingle [Faction RP TKO] Well after a long hard day of saving the galaxy who doesn't need a drink and a little down time. So if you do jump on down to rebal actual, take a load off and remember to always tip your waitress @Kimiko
*Dominion of Kal'Shebbol [Faction Dom TKO] Action, adventure, pew pew and glow stick galore, come one come all to TKO's first Dom, and WE DID IT! Tier 3 people in under 27 days!
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*One Day I Wish to Have This Kind of Time [Sith Triumvirate Dominion of Chalacta] [Sith Triumvirate Dom TKO was invited to play opposition in] Time to play troublemakers once again, strap in folks for Sith fighting and making things go BOOM!
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***Salvage that kills! Saints and Sinners series. We are having lore fun while we wait for the next Dom folks! Join Cla'Mari as she leads us into trouble on a mysterious Gentech ship!
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***Culling of the Great Ones Another in the Saints and Sinners series. Ready to test you metal against creatures of lore? Damn right you are! So jump in and join the hunt!
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***Swap Meet Pergitor Looking to buy and sell your poodoo I mean your wears, good then drop on in. As a great person once said "Buy, sell, barter, rub elbows, be happy and full of joy."
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Well from the position of the sun in the sky, I can see that it is almost time to go, but before I do just remember if any of you want a thread mentioned in our next post just shoot me a PM and we will get R done!

So till next time my friends, be awesome to everyone and always remember,TKO high school Huttball rules!
(Yeah Men at work baby, bet you were wondering when I was gonna break out this jam!)